Thursday, October 29, 2009

Formula or UHT

I couldn't go to the milk run this morning because Iki is still not feeling well. I just met the ladies to give the special milk for Abrar (the milk run patient from wasuponda). We give him milk recommended by hospital, mentioned as the best one that can help him gained his body weight. Which is a very expensive milk: Pediasure. I was very shocked when I bought it for the first time. It is 189,000 = about 20 USD for 1000 gr can! I didn't know that there's such an expensive milk in Indonesia! ==> I mean, who would buy it?!?!?!

I bought it anyway, because I thought it is a special milk for BABIES with malnutrition problem.

And this morning, having a small talk with the ladies who went to the milk run about how surprised they were that I gave the expensive milk for poor little Abrar. There I found out that Pediasure, that expensive milk, is for rich family (well, of course!!). One lady told me that her son spends 6 cans for 1 month! 20 USDx6 = 120 USD!! wow.....and I was so shocked because her son is like 6 or 7 years old!!

But they were also very shocked to know that I DO NOT give Iki-chan that expensive milk. They were even more shocked when I told them that my Iki drinks UHT milk. Which for them is an INSTANT MILK. Other lady said that a growing kid needs GOOD milk that can fulfillthe nutrition he needs. But for me, a growing kid needs GOOD BALANCED FOOD - with milk as an additional need.

This reminded me of what a doctor told us when we brought Iki to the ER one day. "UHT milk is an Instant milk. You should give your kid formula milk based on his age"

One lady said just before I left, "You should think of your kid's need. I believe you can afford it. I can't believe that you give Abrar Pediasure milk but you only give UHT milk for your son!"

Oh well...I sounded like a horribly stingy mother!!

My question is: is it necessary???? that expensive milk????

Iki drinks milk once a day, but I try to give him balanced food that could cover all the calorie he needs. He is an active and healthy kid, well, he is not feeling well now but he catches cold only for like twice a year. And he only drinks the cheap UHT milk.

Is it necessary for him to drink the expensive Pediasure which for me is suitable for malnutrition kids?

Or is it necessary for those rich 6-7 years old BOY to drink that expensive formula milk and spends like 120 USD per month?


LadyNoor said...

You can try and talk to them until you turn green, and they won't get it that it's just the marketing from the expensive milk company... They just don't know that most developed countries, such us US & Australia (from some researches I've read) are NOT recommending those expensive formula, as you have said, but to make sure the kid have good balanced diet....

The best way to deal with these kinds of things is don't tell them at all, there are things you need to keep to yourself because you know it's good and you know no one can understand you. It'd only causing upsets and that won't do any good to you...

ps: In fact, I'm all upset for you because I feel like whacking those arrogant mothers' head and giving them some education! Huh!!!

LadyNoor said...

Oh, forgot to say...

I bet those rich kids who are still drinking formula will end up with health problems, such us obesity, diabetic, etc... They are caused by sugar level in those expensive formulas...

ps: Huh, masih kesel aku Moet!!!

imoet said...

Thanks lady merah :)

makes me feel so good!!!!!! I talked with a friend from NZ whose two toddlers and a baby this afternoon about this milk matter. she was so surprised too, and yeah....she also gives her kids UHT milk here because they don't need formula after 1 year old :))

anyway you're right. best solution is not telling anyone here that i give my boy the so called instant milk here. but now i can't help wondering.....

if....if i delivered and grow him here...would I give the expensive formula milk too because it is what is TOLD here!? I just didn't do it because as a new mother I was told not to

oh well, anyway i'm happy to see my boy growing healthy and smart (people think that formula milk can make ur kids smart too haha!) with only fresh milk or UHT milk.

hidup susu cair!! :))

Mbak'e said...

Jadi ingat kalo ngajak Rui pulang ke Indonesia, selalu aja ada pertanyaan "susunya apa mbak?". Dan yang nanya pada shock waktu tahu selama di Indonesia, Rui aku kasih susu bendera cair (frisian flag).

Sebel lagi kalo ada komentar "kok gak dikasih susu formula sih, susu formula bagus untuk perkembangan otak...". Lho lek ngono semua anak yang gak minum susu formula, anak anak yang hidup di luar Indonesia, otak nya gak berkembang bagus tha. Wes gak nyambung blas.

The Diva said...

Here in Germany they only give formula milk as a complement / replacement to breast milk. If you can't breastfeed or if you need extra milk during breastfeeding time (which ends at age 1 or max. 2) then formula milk is recommended.

After that? Well, UHT milk lahhhh.
Bear in mind that Germany (as well as America, Japan, etc.) has produced so many brilliant experts, scientists, and smart kids as well --- all of them I believe drinking UHT milk, hahahahaha.

Biarin lahhh.... that's how the formula milk producent earns their money. Martin said that we should make business in Indonesia, selling SUPER SPECIAL SMART FORMULA MILK that can make children tall, healthy, smart, and even rich!!! how's that??? Hahahaha...

Oh wait, Martin said, we should go to Indonesia and sell just ANY NONSENSE because Indonesians will just simply buy anything that look promising. Just have to write "super" on the package. Hahahahaha.

vini said...

iya, tempo hari pas keito check up (i yr old), dokternya ya bilang, susu formula harus dikurangi jadi 300 ml/day. and can substitute to regular milk. cannot drink anymore formula and dot after 1.5 yr old as it will ruin the teeth?? keito drinks formula milk 2 times a day only, and my mom freaked out when she knows it. she tried to feed keito formula milk a lot when she was here, turned out that keito gained weight after that. formula milk does give you all the nutrition you need, but if you can get them from food (which is more natural and therefore better), you dont need the formula that much anymore. i wonder when the 6 yr old boy will retire from the formula milk. also, here, they dont give vitamin. they believe nutrition from food is enough. they dont want the kids to be overweight (again, indonesia concept, the fatter the healthier does not apply here).

Vivi said...

Hm, I was quite offended by one of the comments who said that rich kids who are still drinking formula will end up with health problems, such as obesity, diabetic, etc.

Probably because I (still) give more expensive brand than Pediasure to my daughter and well, honestly, why would anyone wish something that bad to my admittedly rich kid?

Ain't her fault she's rich.

First of all Imoet, honestly, I don't agree with anyone who tried to tell a mother what to do with their kids. If you read my blog then you'll know I have problem with MY own mother telling me what to do to my daughter, let alone some strangers I met.

I suppose this is a perfect example of "No good deeds goes unpunished"

If your question is, is it necessary to give expensive milk? then the answer is No, it's not. There are many options other than Pediasure which are equally good if not better, with lower price.

I choose a particular brand because my friends recommend it and Felicia loves it and yes, it has lower sugar level than other brands.

I can assure you however that some of my employees, who have lower income/salary than me, chose a more expensive brand than what I give to Felicia.

The point is, more expensive doesn't mean better, it's different for each baby and you just have find the best, most suitable for your baby and leave it at that.

Now, if you're asking if Formula is better than UHT? Well, I believe that for my daughter, Formula is better.

I live in Indonesia, I have to be careful with this instant milk. My friend who was a major in Teknologi Pangan dan Gizi visited the factory of one of the local brands of UHT Milk.

It's a very famous brand, and my husband is one of their loyal customers ever since he's five years old.

Anyway, she told me that the factory is so filthy that she stopped drinking that brand altogether (she was a fan too).

My husband didn't care. He still buys the brand, we buy sometimes for our daughter too.

But I do have to point out that on one occasion, the milk had gone bad even when we still have two months before the expiry date. Ever since that, I always tasted the milk first before giving it to felicia.

Formula milk however, has more shall we say, sanitary precautions, the can must not have dent, it has double lids, you have to throw away the whole can three months after opening it and so forth.

Would you buy your kid formula milk had he been born and raised here? I think so, that's what doctors recommend here. Wouldn't blame them considering the very weak FDA control here.

You know, when those bitches said something about you can afford formula milk, you should immediately point out to them that Iki speak three languages, and he drinks UHT!

But hey, as a mother who lives in Indonesia still, I would like to point out to all of you that your mothers raised you based on what they believed and told by their doctors, all those formula, vitamins included.

And now, look at you, all successfull, smart, independent women living abroad.

They must have done something right...

The Diva said...

right on Vivi. I think you're right. Sometimes it's not really about Formula milk or UHT, sometimes it's just about bitchy Indonesian moms hehehehehe. Now don't get me wrong.. I have one at home, and I know that I will turn out to be one as well!!!

The only thing that I could I say I wouldn't do is: telling people off about with what / how to raise their children. Which is what makes it complicated in Indonesia, because you'll always have comparisons, you'll always get different opinions "Kok nggak pake ini... kenapa kok itunya nggak anu, pake ini aja lho Cik, lhooo sayang lho nanti kalo nggak digituin" Hahahahaha.

I guess I gotta give you that one for the hygiene part of UHT/formula milk in INdonesia -- what is hygienic there, actually? Here, I buy UHT milk almost every week, and I have to throw away the carton, full or empty, 3 days after opening the tetra carton (if the milk doesn't get sour, my boyfriend gets sour!)
and the expiry date etc is very, very reliable. Fresh UHT milk is even "crazy" because they only set ONE week from the day the thing is sold at the supermarket.

Oh well... I guess I'll have more to share on this bitchy topic when I turn a mom. Can't wait to share with you girls. No, hang on, on second thought... I think I CAN wait another couple of years. Hihihihi....