Sunday, October 19, 2008

Emergency (again)

We've been here for 11 days now and I brought Iki to the emergency for twice already (>.<).
The first one was because he got itchy reddish rash all over his body, which according to doctor was an allergic reaction. Either because of food, weather, grass , or water. I watched his food consumption this week and it's alright, so perhaps its because of grass from the golf course or the swimming pool.
And this morning suddenly iki got fever and stomach pain. He cried and cried in pain. It was so out of sudden that I got panicked. Hiro just left playing golf and telkomsel has been error since yesterday so I couldn't make any phone call. Couldn't call ojek too, so at last I decided to walk to the hospital (it's about 1,5 km). I didn't bother to change or put sunblocks on as it was very hot outside. I just hugged Iki and ran as fast as I could. Luckily then, half way, there was an ojek passing by. I was sweating from top to toe and out of breath already. This I learnt a lesson that I cant only rely on TELKOMSEL!!
Iki vomitted a lot at the hospital. Doctor said that I shouldn't give him UHT milk because it is an instant milk. Iki must drink formula milk based on his age. Hiro was shocked and said that formula milk is for babies :p.
Doctor also said that I must cook well all the veggies I feed him too. Including tomatoes. No raw fresh veggies until his body gets used to this place. Actually it's good for Iki if sometimes he got sick. That way his body is building strong antibodies. But somewhat it broke my heart to see my little one in pain...


mamanya Rui said...

Cepet sembuh ya, Iki. Semoga cepat bisa adaptasi juga di tempat yang baru.

Mee said...

iki-chan daijoubu da yo!
mama-chan juga ga perlu terlalu panik.
pasti iki-chan ga bakalan kenapa-napa :)

benova said...

Waah, mungkin namanya baru adaptasi ya.
Oh ya UHT milk mosok gak entuk. Siapa doktere?
Boleh boleh jah deh, atau mgkn ada yg alergi susu sapi ya.
Setahuku >1th boleh minum UHT.
Hmm..Kiyo masih minum susu formula jg sih heuheuhe.

Wes cepet sembuh ya.
Telkomsel..ngadat ya. Mungkin daerah sana sulit dijangkau suka ngadat2 ^_^.
Ada kartu "3" unk international call is very cheap only 300RP/mnt.

The Diva said...

hihihihi gpp Ki, sekali-sekali sakit, baru juga beberapa hari, jadi ya masih adaptasi. Mama-chan jangan kuatir toh, kan namanya juga anak kecil harus sering sakit supaya antibodinya terbentuk.
Ada bagusnya juga hidup di kampung sekarang, ngga terlalu bersih higienis kayak di Jepang, jadi Iki lebih sehat dan lebih kuat dari anak-anak Jepang lain,hihihi.

Percaya deh. We've all been there kan? Kita kan lebih gak gampang mencret dan sakit2an gara2 bawaan kampung (dibanding orang luar negeri yang kalo makan ngemper atau salah makan dikit mencret, baca: Martin, hahahahha)

Iki cepet sembuh ya. Mama-chan jangan panik-an dong, hihihi, things are gonna be fine.
belum ada telepon rumah???? cuma HP doank???

LadyinRed said...

Duh, Iki. Cepet sembuh ya sayang... I know how you feel, Moet, and I know how the debate about UHT & formula with Indonesians doctor... Formula IS for babies, and a waste of money for it's too bloody expensive.

Ameera juga kemaren pulang JKT muntah2 24 jam. Sepertinya penyebabnya bakteri, her system trying to adapt with the environment. Asep was already back to AU, I rang and woke the local doctor up from her bed and telling her that we're coming in 1/2 hour to her home. My dad told me to calm down, but how could I come down when my baby was sick every 30 minutes since 2 o'clock in the morning.

I would've done the same thing if I were in your position, I'd run no matter how far to find help.... Maybe you should buy/rent a motorbike, so that you don't have to rely on others in emergencies...

I'm sure Iki will adapt easily though, he's a strong boy and given time he'll build up his immune system terus jadi "hitam" kebanyakan main panas2an :D