Saturday, July 31, 2004

Thanks God It's Friday!!

Friday comes to be the best day in my daily life. Last day working, that's the main reason. I went home earlier today to take the orchestra tickets for my colleagues and prepare my Yosakoi festival. Tomorrow would be the day, so I got a bit tensed.

I got this problem that tomorrow morning we will have listening comprehension training at one of best high school in Surabaya. I told my senior colleague earlier this week that I won't be able to make it because on Saturday I'll have the Yosakoi festival. In addition, Saturday is not my working day!!

But he didn't want to understand by insisting that I had still to come for a while to the school. It took more than an hour to travel from the school to my Japanese school, so I explained him that it's impossible for me to make it. Irritating, but then I come up with a solution to hire one of my friend to replace me there supervising the students. He was happy with my idea.....but apparently then he wanted more. So he wanted me and my friend to be there. WHAT THE FUCK!!!! The discussion happened just before the orchestra began, so I had to start enjoying it with wrinkled on my forehead........(_ _o)

But the orchestra was really nice!!!!! The building was not really supported, but most of all, I got goosebumps because of the music. Amazing. It was my first time going to an orchestra, and i want to see it again someday.

There gather some of my colleagues from my morning job, some also from my night job, plus Valens and his nice!!

After the Orchestra I went to karaoke with my colleagues from my morning office. It was supposed to be a farewell for our internee. She finished her tasks already and we wanted to spent her last night in Surabaya singing together. We waited waited waited waited.....but she didn't appear until 1.5 hour. I had to go home early since Pei was waiting for me and the next day I'll have to wake up early. Bit sad that I couldn't meet her to say goodbye...........

Imoet was still amazed with Adie MS

Thursday, July 29, 2004

The day was started with GgRrrrr....

- I hate somebody who couldn't keep his promise -
I Badly wanted to eat ice cream since last monday. Somebody then kept promising to have it together with me, but always cancel it at the last minute. Really got irritated!!!!! Finally last night I blew out, again he cancelled it. This time without any prior notice....I had to call him to find out that he couldn't make it. What a man!!!!!

This coming Friday, I badly want to see the Twilight Orchestra...but don't feel like coming there now. Don't wanna be at the same car, the same room with him. Really fed up...

I know this is so childish....but just couldn't stand it anymore.

Thanks to Pei n Boo for going out with me for the ice cream last night.

- Da Vinci Code-
Curious to read this book now.
Nina is reading it now, and every morning she come to the office with new facts she got from the book. At first I was not interesting, but then this morning the first topic she brought up in the office was: "This book said that at the "last supper" painting, the one beside Jesus was Mary Magdalene; and that actually she was married to Him.!!.......and I believe that in that book I can read more "facts"
It's not as what I believe...grows my curiosity a lot so I asked Hiro to buy for me from hehehe. So nice of him *happy*
Looking forward to read it!!!

- Yosakoi training-
Have you ever dance under Surabaya's sun at 3:00 in the afternoon?? Believe me, it was so damn hot!!! feel so exhausted now, but since today is the last working day in this month, i have to work!
My skin is darker now....ouw ouw ouw...hiro is kind of protesting now!!
hiro (6:31:59 PM): harus pakai long sleeve!!!
hiro (6:34:58 PM): pakai sun block cream!!!

And I met this guy I had erotic dream with several days ago. hihihihi *shy*
Mmmm....something just couldn't change, huh Shierly?!?!

It was really crowded at the PEMKOT this afternoon. But it was really fun. I just love to have this new experience, give another colour to my life. The dance, the people, the fun fun *YAY*

Waiting forward for the real festival in this coming Saturday \(^ ^)/

- Bakso Pak Salam is the Best!!! -
Eating bakso Pak Salam after this tiring dance is the best thing i have today!!
*Imoet is happy and dancing yosakoi now hihi*
I ate 2 bowls of bakso..pedas pedas pedas, but mmmm i got FO!!! Food Orgasm hehehe
Gonna eat is as much as I could before I move out from this town hahaha

Imoet is still chatting with her sweetheart *happy*

Monday, July 26, 2004

jeeper creeper weekend

Busy Saturday
Always love the chance to chat with hiro. Had nice talk about friends, giving birth, and baby names...hihihi. I love Rachel from drama series "friends". I think I am too much like her -the messy part, and of course the beauty part-
Yosakoi dance time always make me happy. The only time when I can have my exercise hehe. Getting fatter lately -haaaaaaaaaaaaa-
Always - Late - Couple
Saturday night was spent with friends. Although almost messed up because of this newly-wed-late couple, DeeJay and Ardi. We had to spent hours waiting for their coming at PTC!!!! GggrrrrR
Girls and Talking
Trust me, if boys can spend hours playing PS2; girls can spend the whole night talking. It's what we did -me, vei and DJ-. All gossip from A to Z popped up hihihi, kept our eyes open till 4 in the morning.
*Imoet is gossip lover*
Watch Jeeper Creeper while having breakfast. With blood and body parts taken away!!! YAIKSSS
I screamed like crazy. Afraid to watch, but can't stop my curiousity of the ending. I can't forget how the monster killed the people, and how the dead people appear with their missing body parts.  iyuuuuh
Can't forget the movie the whole day!! Lucky me to have tiring yosakoi practice....
Erotic Dream
Horror movie will lead you to erotic dream? hihihi worth trying man. I got this really hot dream -YEY (yelling in Phoebe's way); motivated me to work today!!!!

-imoet lagi senyum senyum mesum inget mimpi tadi malam-

Thursday, July 22, 2004

My Ass-hole Hurts!!!!!!!!

jkasehrbswgqanmlwjsnaa (@_@)

My early morning pee turned to be an accident to me. I slipped in the bathroom with my hardly-can-open eyes, hit the corner of the "tempat e'ek (iyuuh)", and freezed me on the bathroom floor because it was so damn hurt (_ _o).
What I could do the whole day was only staying on my bed. Couldn't lay on my back since my ass hole hurts like crazy. Couldn't even concentrate on finishing Remy Sylado's novel, Parijs van Java!!
Eat - Sleep - Eat - Eek - Sleep - Eat
Were things i did today. Miss my hiro so much...
Ayik brought me NANGKA!! oishii desuuuuuuuu......

- Imoet is now still trying to sit -