Saturday, February 28, 2009

'Cooking lesson'

Last FridayI was invited to give a simple 'cooking lesson' to Iki's class. Miss Desy said they were interested to Iki's lunch boxes. (Oh yes, I have to prepare simple healthy snack for Iki to bring to school, and papa-chan said that eventhough we live in Indonesia, I still have to make 'attractive' obento for Iki).

I taught the kids how to make cute shaped simple sandwich that day. Well, what else could I think of a preschooler could make easily in 30 minutes?!

I gave each kid two slices of bread and a wooden knife. I told them to cut off the bread's crust and they didn't find it difficult to do that.

Then they could spread some strawberry jam or peanut butter on their bread.

And made some shape. This part was fun. They got really excited and unfortunatelly almost everyone wanted to make heart and star shape sandwich with Thomas stamp on it. And those cute preschoolers were not patient enough to take turn. Some of them even ate their bread already haha!

Not bad, huh? They gave some of the sandwiches to the older students and the other teachers later on during the snack time. 

And here is the preschoolers with their 'cute' sandwiches

And this one is with their 'cute' Imoet :))

Make it Wednesday: Simple Mini Dress

At last I made my own dress for the 1960 - 1970's themed birthday party. It was the biggest sewing project for me so far! For a beginner like me, I really found it difficult to make even such a simple dress. I simply didn't have enough patience (>.<). During my dancing that night, I could feel some thread hanging from my lovely first hand made dress haha!! Oh well....

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

Iki had his first Valentine's celebration at school yesterday. He had to make cards for all the students at school. I helped him cutting the heart shapes colorful papers, he sticked some together and drew something on them. When he got home, he happily showed me his red box full of valentine's cards from the other children with some sweets too!

So when we got home, he wanted me to draw one big heart on a piece of paper. He said that he wanted to make something for papa. So I helped him cutting small paper hearts, and he did the rest of the job. He said that he didn't want to draw faces on that card, but wanted to write names, so I helped him writing what he wanted. 

Look at this. Isn't it beautiful? Papa-chan was really touched that he almost cried last night when Iki handed the paper to him.......

Meanwhile I baked this marsmallow chocolate cookie for everyone.

And this morning, Iki wanted me to cut a big heart shape paper. Then he was busy in his room and I was not allowed to enter it. He ended up bringing this with a very wide smile. "Happy Valentine, Mommy", he said. Oh God....I cried while hugging him. This is my very first card from my little boy too!!!! And he added, "I wrote 'I love Mommy, yo!" while pointing the bottom of the card. Isn't it very sweet???

This is the best Valentine's day, and I hope yours is as beautiful as mine too. Happy Valentine's day!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Make it Wednesday: Tissue box cover

Now that Iki goes to school three times a week, I have plenty of time for myself. I'm glad that I can join more activities here without feeling guilty of leaving Iki at home!

I decided that at least once a week, Wednesday, I will make something productive. Not only doing exercise, chatting and browsing the internet!

So this was what I made on my first 'free' Wednesday. Tissue box cover. It was very easy, and I could finish it just before it was time to pick Iki up at school!

Special thanks for Tomomi who sent me the fabrics and instructions!!

Monday, February 09, 2009

The Party

Last Saturday was the party. The birthday celebration for three of our friends, Jeff, Mike and Geoff. Thank you for the ideas, at last I came to the party with my handmade simple (not so) mini dress. I found the old fabric among my collections, must be from my mother in law. It is a very old fabric. I believe it was really from the 1960's from the smell hahaha!. I don't have boots, so I just wore my pink shoes. I used driving gloves (long ones, to slower my tanning process haha!) as an accesorries, plus a super hot pink wig I borrowed from Bobbie, Iki's school principal, at the last minute! Too bad I forgot my too big sunglasses, but I was pretty satisfied with my outfit :))
I don't have a picture of myself!! I can't believe it! Grrhh!! But I believe someone has, so I will post the picture later on.

But this is my lovely husband hahaha. We decided his costumes just 15 minutes before we left for the party. At first he wanted to go as a hippie with a borrowed red afro wig, but then he thought it would just be an ordinary outfit, so I offered him to wear my yukata. Indeed he was one of the center of attention that night, and he enjoyed it!!!

And these are the birthday boys:

And the audiences:

My pretty hubby then got wild and started to dance with the ladies. He surprisingly caught up with the steps pretty quick. Everyone laughed out loud and there were at least ten people asking me if he was too drunk already. He thought papa-chan was a serious person because he barely talk with everyone!! (ehm, he actually doesn't really talk because of his English level hihihi)

When he was getting hotter, he opened the top part of his yukata and dancing around. At the coffee morning this morning, the wives told me that they were enjoying the 'Geisha Porn' show that night LOL.

He also tried my pink wig

And Margie's hippie wig

He arrogantly challenged Matt

But (of course) was lost within 10 seconds

And still dared enough for a Judo. You could clearly see who the winner was!!

It was a great party. I never thought there would be such party in this far-away Sorowako. Everyone dressed up, and they all did look awesome!

Look, even little Iki also wanted to feel the party eventhough he must stay at home with 'bibik' :p

Thank you for the party ideas. Tomorrow I will ask little Iki to pick up the winner (^___^)