Saturday, February 28, 2009

'Cooking lesson'

Last FridayI was invited to give a simple 'cooking lesson' to Iki's class. Miss Desy said they were interested to Iki's lunch boxes. (Oh yes, I have to prepare simple healthy snack for Iki to bring to school, and papa-chan said that eventhough we live in Indonesia, I still have to make 'attractive' obento for Iki).

I taught the kids how to make cute shaped simple sandwich that day. Well, what else could I think of a preschooler could make easily in 30 minutes?!

I gave each kid two slices of bread and a wooden knife. I told them to cut off the bread's crust and they didn't find it difficult to do that.

Then they could spread some strawberry jam or peanut butter on their bread.

And made some shape. This part was fun. They got really excited and unfortunatelly almost everyone wanted to make heart and star shape sandwich with Thomas stamp on it. And those cute preschoolers were not patient enough to take turn. Some of them even ate their bread already haha!

Not bad, huh? They gave some of the sandwiches to the older students and the other teachers later on during the snack time. 

And here is the preschoolers with their 'cute' sandwiches

And this one is with their 'cute' Imoet :))


Carla said...

hihihi... soooo cute!!!! i think i could be patient enough to teach language to children. but i don't know if i have it for cooking lesson. lol. well done.

LadyinRed said...

So cute! Apalagi yang ngajar imut begitu :p