Thursday, March 05, 2009

Our flight

It was raining when we were about to board the plane from Sorowako to Makassar yesterday morning that the flight was delayed. The plane connecting Sorowako to Makassar is a small one, so the flight operator didn't dare to take the risk flying the airplane during bad weather. Which actually was very good, because safety must come at the first place. I don't dare risking our lives in the sky with that small plane too!!

But the thing is our next flight to Bali from Makassar would be at 9 a.m!! We were supposed to arrive in Makassar at 8 a.m but at last we started at 7.45! I felt like the 45 minutes flight took forever. But the other passanger told me that Lion Air (our next flight to Bali), would understand about our flight delayed and would allow us to get inside the plane. And anyway flight delayed for that airlines is just a normal issue' so we shouldn't be worried that much haha!

We arrived at Makassar 15 minutes before the Lion Air boarded. Hiro ran with Iki to the check in counter explaining about us, while I ran to take the luggage. The Lion Air's staffs kept rushing me to board the plane asap and leave the luggage behind (they said that they will send it with the next flight to Bali, but..... yeah right!!! :p). Thanks God by that time then I saw my luggage and I ran upstair as fast as I could. I lost my breath, but we could board the plane. I felt sorry for the other passanger who waited curiously inside the plane hehehe. 

So we are now in Bali (^____^), for our first one week holiday after 5 months living in Sorowako! 


Carla said...

lol... airport/airplane stories are always interesting. maar goed hoor! let's have fun!!!

benova said...

oya..........di Bali ya....enake.....jd ketemuan ma Sheila ya.

Moet..waduh meh takon cara memasang benang di mesin jahit.
Pake injakan kaki ndak to

The Diva said...

harusnya kita ketemuan lebih awal yaaa, lebih serinnnngg... bah di Bali cuma ketemuan 1x.

Still miss you.
Mana update foto2 dan cerita di Bali-mu????