Friday, March 13, 2009

(Another) fun holiday in Bali

We stayed at the Mara River Lodge, a hotel inside the Safari Park on our first three nights in Bali. Iki loved that place. Not only that he could see zebras, and a big rhino and some other African animals from our bedroom, but because there were lots of activities there for him.

He excitedly watched the lions -though they were sleeping most of the time- from the big window glass surrounding the restaurant. Too bad the food there was not good at all, and expensive. We don't mind paying expensive food as long as they are good :)). We definitely won't consider any dinner at Tsavo Lion restaurant anymore in the future

He enjoyed feeding the elephants eventhough he was scared at the first time.

He laughed out loud and was really interested watching the elephants' show.

He rode the camel, with papa-chan.

He loved riding the ponies too. In fact, he rode them for three times, basically every day during our stay there.

And he enjoyed riding the elephants, meanwhile I was scared to death. He kept chattering while the huge elephant brought us around the Safari Park, meanwhile I could barely move because I was afraid that I would fall down (>.<). 

We could take photos with the animals too. I love the picture with the tiger the most!, and Papa-chan loved this baby Orang Utan named Roni.

He screamed excitedly when he found the fun zone and the water park too!! Mara River Lodge is a heaven for Iki except for the food!


We also went to the monkey forest in Ubud. Iki was really excited seeing those cute monkeys. Too bad I don't have the pictures. I was too afraid if those monkeys stole my camera :p

We thought that we want to shop till we drop on the last three days. But we met some friends instead. Which was a great thing. We live in this far away Sorowako so that meeting friends, had a good quality time eating, drinking, and laughing together were such a valuable refreshing time.

We met Sheila, Martin, Mariza, Carla, Vincent, and little Michelle for a fun dinner at Jimbaran. I was really glad to be able to meet them all, especially Sheila. Glad that at last I could meet Martin and Vincent. It was really funny to see how Martin and Vincent got along 'pretty well' hahaha!

We went fishing with Tim and Yully's family too. They are our friends from Sorowako, and their kids -Angela an Matthew- are Iki's good friends. They moved out from Sorowako already last month, so that we were really happy to spend some time with them again.

And the next day we met Annerie and Ricardo. The last time I met them was like 4 years ago, when I visited them in Schagen, the Netherlands. Carla, Vincent, Mariza, and Anton joined the lunch too. At last I met Anton!! He was really really quiet for A MARIZA!!! Happy to hear about the plan next year ;-)

Hiro was really sick then, so that we decided not to meet anyone on our last holiday. I was sad that I couldn't meet Luky, my friend from Sorowako too, but indeed we had had a busy holiday already. We just had FEW (really few....) shopping, a quick haircut for me (which is not bad but quite dissapointing...huaaaa!!), and then a great dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant, Tratorria, in Seminyak area. It was definitely the best meal I've ever had in Bali hehehe.
Interestingly then after dinner Hiro suddenly felt better and wanted to join Tim's farewell dinner! So we went to Tim and Yully's house in Denpasar at 9.30 pm!! Iki enjoyed his last playing time with Matthew and Angela -last because that family is moving to Madagascar and we don't know when would we meet them again. We went home at 11 p.m. Drunk and tired and sleepy (especially Iki) yet we had to pack our luggage because we had to check out early in the morning on the next day.

It was an exhausting holiday. Now I realize that a romantic-honeymoon style holiday with a lot of shopping time has been ended. As Iki is getting bigger now, our holiday -all the plans- must be based on his schedules and wishes! But we had a great time. We enjoyed watching Iki enjoying his holiday, laughing out loud, eventhough we were mad at him a lot of time too haha!

Looking forward for our next holiday ALREADY hahaha!


benova said...

wow......enake vacation ^_^.

Hmmm..hotel dalam taman safari??..interesting ratenya bokkk expensive for us hihihi.

oleh oleh ya Mut..
I've never been there, poor me hehehe.

Carla said...

It was good to meet you again. Hope Vincent and I can return the visit one day. Mo liat juga Sorowako itu kayak apa.

The Diva said...

It was a marvelous holiday. I wish I could stay sooo much longer that night in Jimbaran. And that we could have a shopping day as we had planned. Oh well...

Si Martin kepingin liat Matano Lake. DOain dehh suatu hari kesampean. Atau minimal Bunaken aja lah...

Btw so ESPECIALLY Iki was drunk, tired and sleepy after the farewell party on the last night huh???