Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

I actually have never heard about this St. Partick's Day before in my life, until two weeks ago, in the PTA meeting at Iki's school. The school will celebrate St. Patrick's Day on March 17, and mothers are requested to prepare the luncheon. And I must prepare the dessert.

I browsed the internet once I got home, and decided to bake a cake with big green clover icing. I tried to make the clover then, but it was really difficult! Instead of a clover, they turned out to be either a huge abstract leaf, a green flower, or a green tree (>.<).

In the last minute then I got some ideas of green Indonesian's traditional dessert from my friends via facebook. I decided to make 'klepon', small balls of green rice cake filled with palm sugar, and covered by grated coconut. I made some modification though, I used Japanese's rice cake's powder to get a stronger chewy taste instead of Indonesian's rice powder. I colored the grated coconut in green, so here is Iki's school St. Patrick's Day's dessert :))

I didn't expect that they would love them :p


LadyNoor said...

Ooh klepons, yum yum!!!

I've never heard about St Patrick's Day either.. until I met a mad Irish woman who now becomes one of my bestest friends :D

The Diva said...

ngedhian nggawe klepon dewe!!!

teknik masakmu makin menggila ae Mut.

nek aku yo wes tuku ae klepon 2 lusin terus dibawa ke sekolahan diakoni klepon buatane dewe, hahahahaha.

a2pl3 said...

Oh wow!!! Gila!!!

Blajar donk ... :P

RinAku said...

dari gambar'nya kok kayaknya enak. Nggak kayak klepon pada umumnya sih, tapi warna ijonya so eye-catching :)

Kitchen Planet said...

hhmmm... enake rekkk.. mut2 kalo pake tepung berasnya Jepang, cara bikinnya sama aja kayak tepung beras indo apa??