Monday, August 27, 2007

Saturday at Gangnam

"I'm bored. Let's go somewhere else..."

Was my greeting to Hiro when he woke up almost 11 a.m last Saturday. Thus we ended up waiting for the bus to Gangnam at 12.30 a.m; sweating after walking in a hurry in a humid summer day.

It took 1.5 hours to Gangnam. More than half an hour longer due to traffic jam. We were really hungry so we just chose the nearest restaurant we could find (of course after Hiro went in first to check the menu offered there). We stuffed ourselves at a bakery not far from the bus stop. I was too hungry that I didn't take any photo of the bakery or the large amount of tempting bread and pastries displayed. Something we would never find in Incheon, at least for now. The food was really nice, but pity we couldn't spend a little more time there since Iki wanted to get out of that place asap :(.

It was really a hot afternoon, and apparently Gangnam is not a place for relaxing with a baby around. It's a shopping area with lots of shops and cafes and bars, and hawkers along the streets. I used to enjoy Gangnam when I was still pregnant, but somehow I felt different now. Blame it to the heat? :p. At the end of the street we found a big book store, Kyobo. A perfect place to cool down and find something to read.

The foreign books section is not too large and I couldn't really find interesting novels there. But I found a pocket Korean phrase book by LonelyPlanet. Yeah right.....buying Korean language book just few months before we leave Korea?! HAHA!. But still, for me the book is worthed to buy.

We strolled the street once more, so that little Iki could enjoy walking here and there. But again it was too hot (how many times did I mention "HOT" already?! :p), and look what we could only "enjoy" in Gangnam:

People, people and people.
Yes. Lots of people that we could hardly walk. This phenomenon is just sooooo common everywhere we go, either in Incheon or Seoul. That's why we don't dare to go to the zoo or big amusement park. Once experience at an aquarium in Seoul is more than enough actually.

So we decided to go back to Incheon. Again Iki was a really good boy. Didn't sleep but didn't cry during the bus trip. I was dead tired when Hiro said: "At the end people would realize that home is the best place. Did you enjoy the trip, Shierly?"

I smiled and said, "Yes, I did. I could eat that very delicious bread and most of all could spend this saturday afternoon with you and Iki. And oh yes, I also got refreshed :p"

Hiro: "good answer otherwise I would punch you"

Hahahahahahahahaha hey....I did enjoy the trip!! (^__^)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Favourite author(s)

I like reading since I was very young. As far as I could remember, Bobo and Donald Duck were my weekly magazines when I was in early years of elementary schools. Then when I moved back to Banjarmasin from Manado, I started to attach to novels. I spent lots of times at the school libraries, and re-newed the cards often because I borrowed too many novels. My mom was always angry at that time because once I started to open a new novel, I would forget to eat, to nap and to study :p. At Junior high school I was introduced to Japanese comics by my friend and since then I became a big fan of them. Anyway I love reading. It could be novels, or comics, or magazines, or newspapers, or blogs, or even supermarket brochures (esp. SALE page ha ha!)

Now that I don't have much time anymore to read a lot, I become selected to some particular authors. I love Clara NG for Indonesian novels. I read all of her novels by now (not the children books she wrote), and always ask someone to send me one if there's new novel published. Her novels are a good balance of imagination, life values and great humors. All of her novels could make me laugh out loud, especially "The (Un)reality Show". I just couldn't stop laugh and read the book again and again :p

I am also a big fan of Dan Brown. Yeah yeah, because of the famous Da Vinci Code. But actually from all his novels, I love Angels and Demons the most. Dan Brown's novels' are rich of interesting scientific pieces, religion's facts and phenomenons (usually kind of testing my belief hehehe), as well as adventures. I'm waiting forward for his next novel, waiting forward to be drown into his next adventure (^___^)

And other one is OF COURSE Rowling and the best seller Harry Potter series. I believe you all know why I collect all the Harry potter books and intend to bring them whenever I go. I want Iki to read these books also later in the future!! (and perhaps his kids? hahahha)

But it doesn't mean that I don't read other novels. Now I'm reading The Alchemist, a birthday gift from Uti. Some people I know said that this book is a magnificent piece, and I'm going to prove it myself pretty soon (^_-)v

Do you like reading novels? Who is your favorite author(s)?

Monday, August 06, 2007

It's finished.....

It's 2:27 AM, and I just finished reading it. The last book of Harry Potter. Can't believe that the whole series have been finished. Feel relieved that now I know the ending yet feel empty that I won't be able wait (curiously) or read Harry's next adventures.

Anyway I've been enjoying these last four days with Harry. Thanks Ibu Rowling!! For the awesome imagination you shared us. And thanks Hiro for buying me that book and for being so understanding to take care of Iki whenever I felt like reading :p

PS: Anyone wants to know the story? I'd be more than glad to share hehehe

Thursday, August 02, 2007

My treasure

This is only one box of treasure I brought from Manado. From instant noodles, canned food, Indonesian tea, beng-beng, kacang hijau to gula merah. From antangin (my only powerful medicine!) to beras kencur. From dried chillies to kemiri.

There's still another box with jars of dried home made food, sambal khas Bu Rudi (I looooveeeeee ENYO!!!!), spiku cake (from Enyo again), and some novels from Valens. Plus additional package sent from my mother with sexy clothes and accessories from Mariza and lots of clothes for Iki. I'm really satisfied though I couldn't bring more boxes here.

And look what I found in my mailbox this afternoon. My Harry Potter. At last I received it after waiting like ages from 21st of July. Pre-ordered means that they sent it on the 21st July and I had to wait like half month to have it delivered. Meanwhile lots other people have finished reading it (including Sheila!). Amazon delivered it in a special Harry Potter edition package. Too bad it will go to my trash bin :p but anyway YAY!!! I'm happy!!!!!!

It means, dear friends....I will take holiday from blogging or chatting for a while since my reading time would only be at night. Same time with my routine blogging or chatting time :p

See you again with the ending of Harry Potter's story ;))