Monday, January 31, 2005

Midnight hang out- Hugo's

After working the whole day -from 7.30 till 22.00- on Saturday, the midnight hang out with some friends at Hugo's was a perfect ending.

Mia, Lydia, Vitria and I left Majapahit hotel at 23.30 and met Arief at the parking lot. We ordered some drinks and looked for a perfect corner inside. The AC was working properly already (not like the last time I went there), but the sound system was pretty bad. But anyway, we started moving with the music beat. YAY!!!!

At first Arief was not in the mood. He hadn't got his drink yet after 45 minutes waiting. So he kept complaining to the waiters, but nobody paid attention. I knew he got really upset of being ignored, but I knew he was doing some bitchy things to get his drink hahahaha. It's good then that he started to smile and dance along with us.

I was so happy. Being together with some friends, drinking and dancing. Laughing our heart out, and sweating as the music getting hotter, tried to dance as sexy as I could. I could forget everything there -work, life, problems, tired-. Bit out of control, but I do need it ;-)

I found myself woke up at 3.00 pm the next day, still with strong smell of cigarette and alcohol. I took shower and slept again till 6.00 pm. Enjoying life was what I did (^________^)

Thursday, January 27, 2005

[Angry Mode: ON]

DAMN!!!! I am soooo upset now!!!!
This evening I got a message from a friend at my yahoo messenger friendlist:

holy_v (1/27/2005 11:56:34 AM): beutifull greeting card 4u

She's my friend so I simply clicked the link. It brought me to Yahoo Mail homepage and asked me to sign in. Nothing passed in my mind so I simply put my important details there.....but then the next page said: "Your data have been submitted". FUCK!!!!!!

By the time then my Messenger got signed off, and when I tried to sign in again, the password has been changed. FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!!!!!!

Now can't get into my Yahoo Email as well. OMG....I'm sure that BASTARD will access my address book and do the same. OH MY GOD.......hope all my friends do not follow the url!!!!! (T_T).

I have lots of important emails there, lots of important details...HUAAAAA I WANT TO CRY NOW!!!!!!!!

Now I'm changing the password of my other email addresses. But DAMN.....How is it to change password of yahoo and hotmail japan?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!

Imoet is now panic

Monday, January 24, 2005

Hello again, Surabaya!

I'm back!!!!
The sun burnt my skin that I'm so damn dark now. Kind of disgusting-said my friends hiks hiks. Pretty imoet is now like a village girl (_ _!). Anyone has idea how to get back my fair skin?!?!

Back to real life. With all the works and stressing things waiting. I have to concentrate more. Something is disturbing my mind recently, urges me to be focused on what I really want yet confusion is the only thing I have. Huh!!!

[imoet is now listening to: Right here waiting by Richard Marx]

Thursday, January 13, 2005

[Holiday mode: ON]

Well well well....
So today I'm leaving Surabaya 'till Friday the next week.
Gonna forget all things 'bout work ;-)

For you who have to work: Met kerja yaaaaaa hehehehhehe


Tuesday, January 04, 2005

10 things to achieve in 2005

Welcome 2005....bye bye great 2004...

I had a great time gathering with some of my friends from university at new year's eve. We went to Ardi's house, having surprisingly SUCKS dinner, webcam chatting with Ella and Yun in Germany, watching the "scary" Deep Blue Sea, having "small" fireworks, playing cards and laughing our hearts out; and drinking 'till I got drunk enough to sleep. Really really was a fun...(though I terribly missed someone at that night). I forgot when was the last time I laughed that way. I missed the old crazy days hahaha!!

And I am with my 10 new targets of the year (^_^):

1. First of all: doing great in both my jobs
2. Better time management
3. Nabung...nabung...nabung: at least 1/4 of my monthly salary
4. Attending my sister's graduation in March
5. Trip to South Korea or Thailand or Myanmar.....or....ALL?! hehehe
6. Disiplin les Jepang (yang udah terbengkalai abis)
7. Nemu cowok yang sayaaaaaang ama aku aja ;-)
8. Anger Management: biar gak mati darah tinggi
9. Go to Japan!
10. ML ama si seksi ken hirai wehehehehehehehe