Monday, January 31, 2005

Midnight hang out- Hugo's

After working the whole day -from 7.30 till 22.00- on Saturday, the midnight hang out with some friends at Hugo's was a perfect ending.

Mia, Lydia, Vitria and I left Majapahit hotel at 23.30 and met Arief at the parking lot. We ordered some drinks and looked for a perfect corner inside. The AC was working properly already (not like the last time I went there), but the sound system was pretty bad. But anyway, we started moving with the music beat. YAY!!!!

At first Arief was not in the mood. He hadn't got his drink yet after 45 minutes waiting. So he kept complaining to the waiters, but nobody paid attention. I knew he got really upset of being ignored, but I knew he was doing some bitchy things to get his drink hahahaha. It's good then that he started to smile and dance along with us.

I was so happy. Being together with some friends, drinking and dancing. Laughing our heart out, and sweating as the music getting hotter, tried to dance as sexy as I could. I could forget everything there -work, life, problems, tired-. Bit out of control, but I do need it ;-)

I found myself woke up at 3.00 pm the next day, still with strong smell of cigarette and alcohol. I took shower and slept again till 6.00 pm. Enjoying life was what I did (^________^)

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