Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Birthday surprise for Gbus

I have a colleague named Lisa, but she is more familiar with "GABUS". Looks ordinary, with her small body, glasses, and sometimes "blank" look. BUT definitely extraordinary once she opens her mouth, and say something!!

Words from her mouth always can lead everybody into laughter, and her naughty attitude invites people to kick her ass. She is just a perfect refreshment for anyone bored of editing works, especially when she starts to change the songs' lyrics as she likes. These are enough for everybody to do something nasty for her birthday surprise.

Last Friday my office had annual meeting at a nice villa with beautiful scenery at Trawas, about 1.5 hour from Surabaya. Saturday'd be Gabus' bday so we planned to give her suprise at midnight. At 00.00 Nyo woke everybody up to surprise "sleeping gabus". But apparently she heard the noise, woke up and went downstair. We just used to chance to grab her when she walked downstair with her sleepy eyes. The boys held her legs and hands tight and brought her outside, onto the small pond. Gabus screamed, and everybody laughed.

The comedy continued when Mariza tried to force gabus to finish her huge hard birthday bread. Because her stomach couldn't afford the big bread, the boys grabbed her again and put her into the ponds hahaaha, plus cold water on her head from Mariza. Poor gabus, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I forgot when was the last time I laughed that much.

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