Wednesday, February 23, 2005

HELP (@_@)!!!

Oh Man........
Why are you coming back again into my life?
Please please please stay away. You are the last person I want to have contact with, if you are still acting like this.
I may sound harsh....I DO, coz it's over my limit already. I can't stand you (_ _o).
Thank you so much, but please take back all your attentions which for me sounded like attracting my attention. I don't need it from you....I don't want it, not even any gifts from YOU. And STOP reminding me that you are sending it. AHA....I probably will send it back, you know....(@_@).

I do appreciate our memory. But I already put it at the bottom of my heart, and lock it in a small box there. Trying to remind me all the time won't do any help to our relationship.

So, I guess this is it. Hope you can understand.

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