Monday, February 21, 2005


So.....I'm 25 years old today.
Quite different from the previous years, this is my first "rupiahless" birthday (_ _!). Sorry guys, couldn't afford to treat you hehehehe. That's why now I am sitting in front of my computer at the office - spending the first day of my 25th years of living.

Anyway I'm happy today. Rupiahless doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy my day. I have best friends here, and it's always a nice thing to have their attentions.

Thanks for the phone calls, sms, emails, e-cards, gifts, cakes - most of all, thanks for the warm smiles and the fun that cheered me up this whole day.

morning party at CDU

With the boys @ excellogix

I AM getting older, but I DO stay "imoet" (^_^)

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