Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Dirty girl?

[2 months ago]
Office boy: going home, mbak?
Me: yes
Office boy: take care
Me: thanks
Office boy: eh, ur bike is so dirty
Me: hiks...still have no time for that
Office boy: hahaha

[2 weeks ago]
A friend: hey young lady, what a dirty bike!!!
Me: hmm time to clean it. Anyway, it's rainy season. It will be dirty again once the rain comes.
A friend: why do you take a bath everyday?
Me: hey, if not - dirty!
A friend: if you know it will be dirty again, why wasting ur time cleaning it everyday?
Me: HAHAHAHA....shut up!! This weekend I''ll try to spend sometime to clean my bike.

[3 days ago - early morning when I came to the office]
Me: ha...? who took out my bike from the office room?
Colleague: Office boy did it early morning
Me: oh...nice of him hehehe

Me: Mas....thanks ya, for taking out my bike!
Office boy: no prob! ehm...u r still very busy, huh?
Me: hehehehe still dirty = still busy *shy*

[This morning I saw a bike park in front of the office building. Looks like mine.....but not sure]
Me: Who came so early to this building? there's a bike parked already. hahaha looks like mine
A friend: No laaah.....yours is so dirty. this one is clean
Me: WHAT?!?! did the office boy wash my bike?!?!?!?!!?

So ashamed!!! Seems like the office boy couldn't bear my dirty bike anymore........

Am I that terrible in this cleanliness matter?!

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