Friday, February 25, 2005

After 9 years.....

After 9 years.....last night I met Vik, a senior in my high school, to whom I had a deep crush for four years.

Still cute as I could remember, his smile brought me back to my high school time. Yesterday was my first time going out only with him since the first time I fell to him. Felt like dreaming hahahaha.

There're lots of things undiscovered and unexplained between us, and last night we started to talk about it. After 9 years......

Nostalgia was what we did, we both laughed out loud as we re-call our memory. I blushed almost all the time knowing how terrible I was. So ashamed!!!! I just found out last night that he actually felt irritated and disturbed with my aggresiveness ecpressing my feeling during high school.

1. For 6 years I always sent him my personalized christmas card - vik hated it
2. I made up reasons several times to borrow his physics text book and wrote something in it when I returned it - vik hated it
3. I always called him every Sunday after watching Doraemon on TV - vik always tried to avoid me
4. I joined basketball training, because he also joined the training - vik awared, wanted to stop, but he also loves basket ball. So he was suffering.
5. The parking lot was nearby my classroom, so I always waited for him passing by - vik always wanted to run away
6. Sometimes I left love letter at his motorbike - vik threw it away after reading it (well, at least he read it!!)
7. I always went to toilet nearby Vik's classroom during session break - vik had to go to toilet after the bell rang to avoid me.
8. I told vik I liked to go to buy es kacang hijau at a small canteen near his classroom to attract his attention - vik said he never noticed me
9. I told vik that I liked to send a message for him at the famous radio station in our town. Almost all the people in my high school knew about it but...- vik: "what?!?! really?! nobody told me!!! but....thanks God I didn't like to listen to radion!!!"
10. Me: but you do realise that I was so in love with you at that time?"
Vik: YES!!! But I wasn't in love with you and suffering being in school because of you"

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA lucky him I already have someone I'm in love with at the moment!!

I didn't cry nor hated myself to know the fact. I enjoyed my high school time and the feeling was so precious, though later on I discovered vik was so miserable because of me hehehehe.

Vik said that it's a good thing, that nothing happened between us, otherwise now we couldn't be friends. He's true in this case ;-)


So after 9 years......after last night talk, all things have been explained, and the special feeling towards him, had just gone in a second; replaced with an everlasting feeling: FRIENDSHIP.

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