Friday, March 30, 2007

14 Sai no Haha

English translation: 14 Years Old Mother.

Is a Japanese drama I just finished watching last night. Was Japanese drama with highest rating throughout year 2006's drama. I watched the latest episode when I was in Japan last February, got really interested, and asked Hiro to download the full story. Of course no English subtitle, but I can understand!!!

This drama is about a 14 years old junior high school girl, Ichinose Miki, who got pregnant with her boyfriend, Kirino Satoshi (who's 15 years old). Miki was shocked, and so was her family. In addition, Satoshi's mother said bad things about Miki and tried to bring Satoshi out of Japan. A mother who wants to save her son's future.
Miki's family wanted Miki to have abortion. Besides to save Miki's future, also being pregnant in 14 years old age has a pretty high risk. And did Miki have the abortion? No...she couldn't. That pure Miki thought that if she (Miki) is a very important thing for her parents, then the baby inside her body will also be a very important thing for her. She fought for the baby. She insisted to continue her pregnancy and give birth to the baby. She was so stubborn and confident, but her character really swept my tears away.
Miki had to face a lot of consequences for her BRAVE decision, especially after a magazine's reporter found out about this and made the story top news throughout Japan. She was expelled from her school, she lost her bestfriend, her little brother also lost his friends, her father lost his position at the office. Not to mention other people's look everywhere she walked. This pregnancy also gave effect to Satoshi's family. Satoshi's mother lost her job, became almost crazy and tried to kill herself, Satoshi also got mocked by his friends at school. That family at last had to leave their big house and stayed at a very small and dirty apartment.

Society was Miki's enemy, but then at the end society gave her what she needed the most. Support.

She was so young but she could decide such an important thing for her life. She gave chance to that little creature in her body to grow up, be born and alive.

Being a mother, this drama made me think. What if my son did the same? what if I had a daughter and got pregnant at such a young age? How would I face the world? Would I support her?

Miki gave me the answer......(^__^)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Coffee orgasm

All I need are:
  • 1 coffee spoon Starbucks coffee powder
  • Milk
  • Latte cup set
  • Shierly-made caramel
  • Liquor (amaretto is the best!)
Drip the coffee powder with about 80 celcius degree boiled water.
Pour 60 ml milk into latte cup. Heat until about 40-50 celcius degree. Whip well.
Pour the coffee into the cup slowly, then the liquor and caramel. Done.

Best paired with watching downloaded Japanese drama. Hmmmmm.....

So easy to get orgasm. Coffee orgasm (^__^)

Monday, March 19, 2007

"sent with hugs and kisses from Amsterdam"

Hiro brought a small package from our mailbox yesterday afternoon.
"Hey....from Sheila!"

I left my houseworks in a second and jumped taking the box from him. Ella's handwriting brought me into big smile. Waaaa.....when was the last time I saw this?! felt like ages!!!
Looking at the two small packages there made my smile even bigger (^_____^)

Thank you Ella!!!!!!!! Sooooooooooo pretty, and I'm soooooo happy. "Sent with hugs and kisses from Amsterdam" is written behind the nice postcard, and I did feel like got kissed and hugged :).

I really love them. Holland's famous mini windmills, and they're moving when I softly touched them. Reminds me of Amsterdam and my precious memories with my ex-colleagues at CDU there, and now reminds me of my little lovely scatter-box friend, YOU (^_^)

Again, thank you.

Do I look good? heheheh

Thursday, March 15, 2007

I'm frustrated

Hahahah... I know...I know....I know what's in your mind. Imoet is complaining again! But it's what a blog for, right? to write down whatever happened, which are accidentally not always happy things :p

I ALWAYS fall asleep whenever I put Iki into sleep every night recently, and wake up after 1 a.m. It drives me mad because I lost time for myself. I have a long personal to-do list, and wake up after 1 a.m makes it all impossible to do. If only I could wake up at 11 p.m, I could have all the time to have my favourite long bath time, I could read blogs and news from my computer, I could upload more stories in my blogs (not only the complaining ones :p), I could study Japanese again (after I found my old language books), I could read novel, I could have more recipes translated. And most important, I could have little talk with Hiro. Oh...I feel like it's been ages not having a real talk with him! Precisely, not talking with ANYONE :(

Well, it's good to have enough sleep on the other hand.....but I lost my personal moments. After the whole day taking care of Iki and households, I desperately need them now.

Why not turning on alarm clock at 11 p.m? I don't want to wake Iki up :p. He's sensitive to alarm clock.

Why not asking Hiro to wake me up? He did until about 1 month ago, and he was always complaining because it's too damn hard to wake me up. Once he got really really mad because I didn't want to wake up and said that he would NEVER wake me up anymore hahahah. Well, my mistake :p.

So now I feel so frustrated. I could have long sleep but I couldn't do my private things. Not even taking a bath before sleeping for I wouldn't be able to sleep anymore until 4.30 a.m if I do that. No refreshing at all for myself now, for really I have no time at all at daytime recently. Iki is very time consuming now hahah

I couldn't even get "good night cuddle" tonight....(_ _o). Hiro didn't want to touch me because for him I'm too dirty without taking a bath before bedtime! Oh, great..... :(

Well...guess I could continue my sleep now after writing all these trash here

Good night, my're the only one I can talk to now!

Friday, March 09, 2007


Ngopi dari postingannya Ella yang judulnya "Kenapa?":

Kenapa ya, kadang-kadang orang merasa udah dekeeeeeeet banget sama satu orang, terus berteman deket, merasa sehati sepikir dan saling ngerti satu sama lain, bahkan bisa baca pikiran mereka, udah kayak sodara sendiri... ehhh kalo nyangkut urusan duit, ternyata sama aja ngemplang, melarikan diri, ngilang, sambil ninggalin utang? (*harimau mati meninggalkan belang, manusia ngilang meninggalkan utang, halahhh*)

Kenapa ya, kadang-kadang orang merasa udah baiiikkk dan sayaaang banget sama satu orang, terus pas udah nggak baik dan nggak sayang lagi, ehhh buntut-buntutnya duit lagi yang jadi masalah, plus ungkat-ungkit masa lalu sampe ke sen-sen dan rincian terkecil? (*lha ya jelas aja, udah ngga baik, ngga sayang, masa masih mau dibelain juga soal duit?? Hahaha*)

Aku mau nambahin daftarnya:
Kenapa ya, kangen orang rumah, tapi saban telpon karena kangen buntut2nya mestiiiiiiii ada masalah duitnya. Duit ini, duit itu, duit begini, duit begitu. Pokoknya intinya minta duit hahahah

Bikin rencana masa depan, lagi-lagi buntutnya gimana ngatur duit
Bikin rencana liburan, lagi-lagi buntutnya gimana biar duitnya cukup
Bikin rencana makan mingguan juga lagi-lagi gimana biar duit jatahnya nyisa

Dari ella lagi:
Kenapa ya,
Ternyata manusia itu...
duit juga, duit lagi.
Bumi berputar mengelilingi matahari, yeah right.
Human beings revolve around ... duittttt

Karena duit orang bisa senang, bisa sedih, bisa ketawa, bisa kecewa, bisa tega.
Karena duit orang bisa dapat teman, kehilangan teman, disukai sodara, dibenci sodara, dapat jodoh, bisa dapat hidup layak tapi juga bisa kehilangan nyawa.
Karena duit orang bisa dihormati, bisa juga dilecehkan.

Haiyahhh duittttttt
*saking gemesnya barusan ngeremes duit 1000 won* (
nominal uang kertas paling cilik di Korea soale hahahaha)

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Iki's right ear

Lately Iki seems really uncomfortable with his right ear. He always points cotton buds and asks me to clean his ear. So I always do that to make him feel better. But indeed, he's not getting any better at all.
Once I brought him to the doctor and asked him to check his ear. I didn't dare to put the cotton bud too deep so I thought there must be lots of dirts inside his ear. But the doctor said it was okay. That there's nothing to be worried about his ear.

Day by day Iki is getting more uncomfortable with that ear. He kept rubbing it and pointing the cotton buds. So last 3 days, after bath I tried to clean the ear deeper. Indeed, i got a pretty big dirt. But Iki cried a lot. Since then he never let me clean his right ear yet he kept rubbing it for so many times in a day.

I started to get worried. And so did Hiro.
He looked for information at the internet and baby books about baby's ear treatment, and found one shocking fact.

What??!?! God....I've been doing it for over a year!!!!! I felt like I lost my power. Can you imagine?! How much dirt would it be inside Iki's ear by now?!

Must go to ear specialist now to clean the dirt, and check Iki's hearing ability. It was saturday night (oh no, midnight!), and I must wait until Monday (T_T). Couldn't sleep the whole night.

What if....hmmmm I don't want to say it here, but I am so worried (_ _o)


Dapat pe er dari mamanya Ameera nih!!!!
Aku sih gak fanatik musik. Suka ya karena sering dengar aja, dan banyakan gak tau judulnya ama yang nyanyi siapa hahaha. Makanya ini pe er lumayan bikin jidat mengernyit, jadi inget2 pas bikin pe er kimia waktu es em a dulu hihihi

Records that change your life.
Ya ilah......baca titlenya sampe mlongo hahah. Untuk sementara sih belum ada any records yang mengubah hidupku. Paling berubah karena hamil huehueheuhe

Records you've listened more than once.
Wah kalo ini definitely "Grandfather clock"nya Hirai Ken. Lagu kenangan sih. Sampe ribuan kali muter juga gak bosen-bosen. Bahkan dulu waktu diindonesia selama 2 tahun aku pake ring tone lagu ini. Temen2 sampe sumpek :p. Apalagi dibagian lirik lagu yang ada "tick tack..tick tack....". Katanya Jonathan ama enyo (duh kangen ama omelan mereka), sampe terngiang-ngiang di telinga "tick tack...tick tack..."

Records that you just don't understand.
Sama kayak ella, METAL!!!! mati deh kalo denger itu. Gedumbrangan gak jelas.

Records that made you laugh.
TTM-nya Ratu,. Huehehehehehe....enak'e pek :p

Records that made you cry.
Hmmmmmm.......Phantom of the opera. Dulu pas lagi boom di kantor suka dengerin lagu itu, pas kena masalah gede. Halah...biasalag cinta-cintaan. Jadi saban denger lagu itu langsung merinding, termenung, sampe akhirnya nangis :p

Records that creep the hell out of you.
Gyah!! opening songnya sinetron-sinetron horror di indonesia. Inget2 dulu mesti mbak Parti (pembantu kos) nyetel tipi nyuaringgg pas film horror. Bikin aku langsung kabur dari kamarku ke kamar Pei.

Records you wish had never been made.
Hahahaha....gak ada kayaknya. Sesebel2nya ama lagu, kalo gak suka tinggal dimatiin :p

Records that you've just listening.
Lagu anak-anaknya Iki di playlist itunes. Aduuuh tiap hariiiiii kudu denger, nyanyiin sambil joget entah untuk keberapa ratus kali.

Records that you've been meaning to buy or steal.
Banyakan records yang aku baca di cd dari Indonesia ya curian. Alisan hasil donlot ato ngopi dari cdnya temen (yang juga bajakan hihihi)

Makasih pe ernya, mamanya ameera =)). Jadi senyum2 sambil nulis.
Next homework, buat: Pre-chan, Mee, Enyo. and Vanie. Kudu dikerjain loh ya [ngancam mode: ON]