Thursday, March 15, 2007

I'm frustrated

Hahahah... I know...I know....I know what's in your mind. Imoet is complaining again! But it's what a blog for, right? to write down whatever happened, which are accidentally not always happy things :p

I ALWAYS fall asleep whenever I put Iki into sleep every night recently, and wake up after 1 a.m. It drives me mad because I lost time for myself. I have a long personal to-do list, and wake up after 1 a.m makes it all impossible to do. If only I could wake up at 11 p.m, I could have all the time to have my favourite long bath time, I could read blogs and news from my computer, I could upload more stories in my blogs (not only the complaining ones :p), I could study Japanese again (after I found my old language books), I could read novel, I could have more recipes translated. And most important, I could have little talk with Hiro. Oh...I feel like it's been ages not having a real talk with him! Precisely, not talking with ANYONE :(

Well, it's good to have enough sleep on the other hand.....but I lost my personal moments. After the whole day taking care of Iki and households, I desperately need them now.

Why not turning on alarm clock at 11 p.m? I don't want to wake Iki up :p. He's sensitive to alarm clock.

Why not asking Hiro to wake me up? He did until about 1 month ago, and he was always complaining because it's too damn hard to wake me up. Once he got really really mad because I didn't want to wake up and said that he would NEVER wake me up anymore hahahah. Well, my mistake :p.

So now I feel so frustrated. I could have long sleep but I couldn't do my private things. Not even taking a bath before sleeping for I wouldn't be able to sleep anymore until 4.30 a.m if I do that. No refreshing at all for myself now, for really I have no time at all at daytime recently. Iki is very time consuming now hahah

I couldn't even get "good night cuddle" tonight....(_ _o). Hiro didn't want to touch me because for him I'm too dirty without taking a bath before bedtime! Oh, great..... :(

Well...guess I could continue my sleep now after writing all these trash here

Good night, my're the only one I can talk to now!


Anonymous said...

I know how you feel! hubby keeps telling me to go off to sleep right after Ameera asleep, but I'd rather have a cup of hot chocolate whilst blogging or even watching my favorite dvds. I too need some time on my own, and I understand exactly how frustrated you are when getting up at 1am, haven't had the chance to do what you want and the next day has already began :)
it's okay to vent, that's what blog for :)

Sheila said...

Maybe you need to drink coffee before tucking Iki to bed? It might help to prevent you from falling asleep while putting him to sleep?
Or maybe you can read while putting him to bed? Try to stay awake or whatever?

*Yeah, and I know the DIFFICULTIES in waking you up, we share the same problems here, hahahaha...*

Reading your blog and Intan's makes me even more scared to have children of my own (emang dasarnya ngga mau, hahaha), maybe I really should consider giving up my babies to my mom one day, and pick them up after they're 4 years old and ready to go to kindergarten, hahaha...

Anonymous said...

to Sheila:
at least from us you'll know the truth, La.. some mothers would only tell you the 'pretty & glorious' side of the story..
we're lucky these days, especially living overseas, we don't really 'feel' the pressure as women to breed babies.. I was pregnant & had baby because I chose to..

*biarpun akhirnya gw jadi tukang ngomel begini.. hehe.. ya ga Shierly?*


imoet said...

That's completely right mbak!!! Sejak jadi mama kook blogku jadi banyak omelan gini hahahah.
Tapi bener, meskipun disisi lain kita kelimpungan besarin bayi sama urusan rumah tanpa pembantu, ada bagusnya tinggal diluar negri. Bebas dari tekanan "sosial" (you know who i mean hehe!), juga mau gak mau belajar mandiri.

Sekarang lagi berusaha keras bangun jam 11 nih!!!! piring sengaja gak dicuci, jadi otak masih kepikiran dapur yang masih kotor terus hihi. Akhirnya...kemaren sukses bangun deeh :D

Anonymous said...

begini nih kalo ga punya shoutbox, padahal aku cuma mo bilang panggil aku Intan aja ya Shierly.. biar merasa muda gitu *halah* :p

meknowlittle said...

1 word!



Carla said...

wah shier... ninggalin cucian kotor mungkin bisa membantu pas awal2nya. abis gitu kamu pelan2 mungkin ga peduli lagi, dan bisa berabe juga tuh kalo si cleanfreak liat piring2 numpuk. bisa2 dia ngelanggar janjinya ga mbangunin kamu lagi and instead mencincang kamu hidup2.

coba istirahat siang bareng iki. jadi wkt malem kamu masih lebih kuat.