Thursday, December 25, 2008

New House

We moved in last week. It was exhausting but I'm very happy with this place. It's bigger with much better environment. We are close to our friends so we have more chance to hang out and play together.
This would be our home for the next 3 (or 4!?) years (^_^)

Christmas present

This is my biggest Christmas present ever haha!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Moving again?!

I just finished unpacking our luggage LAST WEEK.
I just waxed the whole floor LAST WEEK.
I just finished arranging my kitchen.
I was about to start our new life here with our complete "gadgets".

BUT now we (probably) are moving to Salonsa area.
We checked the house out yesterday. It was not much bigger than the
house we are living in now. But it is located at Salonsa, where
expatriates mostly live. There's school bus pick up service for Iki too
if we live there, and the most important thing is that it is
(hopefully) much safer than Old camp area (where we live now). I hope
there would be no motorbike racing in front of our house anymore, I
hope there would be no one knocking our doors almost everyday asking
for job at Hiro's office. And I hope Hiro won't lose anything from his
car anymore :p

Ah well.....I just don't know when and where to start packing AGAIN


Iki is accepted at the international pre-school! Thanks God, he will
start on January 28, next year. *YAY*

The admission process is not difficult, but it did take time. They have
to go through Iki's documents to find if Iki is eligible or not for the
international school. Only KITAS holder could enter it, and once INCO's
expatriate administration approved Iki's documents, we could arrange
meeting with the principal.

The introduction meeting was at a bar named Wet Monyet LOL. Every
wednesday the expats in this small town gather there for a theme dinner
and drinking together. I was already drunk when we were introduced to
the principal hahaha.

And yesterday we were invited to the school. They explained everything
about the school and the program, and I found it really good. I could
see the teaching materials and had a talk with Iki's teacher about
their teaching goals and methods. I was a teacher so I'd like to know
about those information too ;-). Iki loved the place. Ehm, of course
because there are lots of toys there haha! But I think he would be
alright there. He already knew his classmates too before and didn't get
problem getting along with them. I feel confident with the school, the
teacher, and everything. Anyway, this international school is surely
the best pre-school in town (^_^).