Thursday, June 29, 2006

Indonesia oh Indonesia....

Earthquake in Jogjakarta,
Eruption of Mount Merapi,
Flood at South Sulawesi,
Hot mud at Sidoarjo,
and now another flood at South Borneo!!

Left people homeless, family loss, and rupiahless. Count on nothing than others' help.

One disaster comes after another in a row. It's like an every morning news recently. Is nature punishing my country? (_ _o)..... or what? any explanation?

I'm so sad

Thursday, June 22, 2006

World cup fever

Hell yes, this has been a world wide fever.
I can imagine in Indonesia, my male friends would sit in front of TV every night, have bets, and some even will be bankrupt because of losing too much hahahaha. Eventhough Indonesia is not there in Germany, people are so excited to support their favourite countries (of course excited, it's about money also :p)
Fathers stay in front of TV the whole nights. I read from (indonesian newspaper) that some mothers are now complaining a lot because they don't know where their husbands are. Apparantly husbands prefer to watch the game together with their friends and don't want to be disturbed (most of them said that they forgot to bring their mobile phones hhahahaha).
It is the phenomenon I am familiar with everytime worldcup hits the highest level of people's excitement in my country.

In 2004 I went to India and watched one of the pre-qualifications game there, between Japan and India. There I got the experience being in the middle of football supporters (beforehand, the supporters' image in my hand was only Surabaya's BONEK). There I also assumed that Japanese supporters are like BONEK, with no destructive spirit and much more money. Well,...they flied to Calcutta and stayed at Hyatt or Shangrilla just for watching the game! They even managed to build a new special toilet in the stadium for them hahaha. Anyway, my point is the spirit. They have the same spirit.

I experience another spirit here.
The people here are not only the audience.
They have their team fighting in world cup arena in Germany. One of the only two Asian countries. It's a national issue, national pride, and national fight.
Everybody. Yes, EVERYBODY is supporting. All the TV commercials are now about Korea's football team, all TV shows are now red decorated. I can see people wearing red t-shirt written "Go Corea" or "Victory Corea" or "Go red devil" etc etc. Children and parents, love couples, taxi drivers. Everywhere people are proudly wearing the red t-shirt to support the country. Even in supermarket, all the staffs are wearing similar t-shirts to support their country. Not only in big supermarket. Also in small supermarket nearby my house. This makes me confuse...which one is the staff and which one is the customer? hahaha.
On the D-day, all people seemed watching. Everywhere I go, I can hear the song "VIVA COREA" played loudly on big stereo system. After one goal, I could hear people roaring in excitement (We stayed at the 23rd APT yet still can hear the crowd loudly!)

What about world cup fever in other countries?

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Learning photography

Another reason why I hardly can spend my time in front of my PC recently (besides taking care of attention-demanding IKI, houseworks and playing nintendo hehe).
I can't resist not to touch this new camera. Well, let's say that this is the first time I can play with this kind of camera. Back in my childhood time, my dad would blow up if I touched his camera.

It's not easy. Especially for a REAL beginner like me, with no one tutoring, and has less art sense :p. But I guess I'm doing this for fun. IKI is my object, and perhaps it was not a right decision since he can't stop moving. Yet I enjoy catching his expressions and smiles with my lense. I still haven't got the result yet for it's a film camera and I have to wait until we finish the whole roll.

I hope not to get bored until at least I can take photo as good as Carla? ;-) ( means that I adore your photography talent!)

Friday, June 09, 2006

Nintendo DS Lite

This is one of our new stuffs brought from Japan.
As usual, as a new toy in our house, every body wants to spend as much time as possible playing. Hiro bought 2 softwares along, new super mario bross and Oideyo Doubutsu no Mori.

Super mario bross brings me back to my childhood time in Banjarmasin. When I often played this game together with my brother, sister and cousins at home. The new version of this game is much more difficult yet interesting.

The other game is about surviving in a new place. My character, who just moved into the city must survive living there by working part time and building social relationship with the neighbors. Could be an interesting game. But it is in Japanese, all the instructions and conversations. Hiro persuaded me that I can choose hiragana mode so that i can read them easily, but indeed after 30 minutes playing I felt my head was so heavy. Yeah right....I can read, but I can't understand!!!! (@_@). So instead of having "relaxing" game, I've got to push my brain to work trying translate the language. Though sometime i got help from Hiro, I can't say this is a fun game anymore hahahaha

I suspect hidden agenda now [devil grin]. Am I persuaded to play this game so that I fall in love with the game and have no choice than seriously learning Japanese?!?!?!