Friday, June 09, 2006

Nintendo DS Lite

This is one of our new stuffs brought from Japan.
As usual, as a new toy in our house, every body wants to spend as much time as possible playing. Hiro bought 2 softwares along, new super mario bross and Oideyo Doubutsu no Mori.

Super mario bross brings me back to my childhood time in Banjarmasin. When I often played this game together with my brother, sister and cousins at home. The new version of this game is much more difficult yet interesting.

The other game is about surviving in a new place. My character, who just moved into the city must survive living there by working part time and building social relationship with the neighbors. Could be an interesting game. But it is in Japanese, all the instructions and conversations. Hiro persuaded me that I can choose hiragana mode so that i can read them easily, but indeed after 30 minutes playing I felt my head was so heavy. Yeah right....I can read, but I can't understand!!!! (@_@). So instead of having "relaxing" game, I've got to push my brain to work trying translate the language. Though sometime i got help from Hiro, I can't say this is a fun game anymore hahahaha

I suspect hidden agenda now [devil grin]. Am I persuaded to play this game so that I fall in love with the game and have no choice than seriously learning Japanese?!?!?!

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