Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bye bye, papa-chan

We are waiting for boarding at the airport now. We will be leaving to surabaya soon. It's somewhat sad to say goodbye to those nice people at Plaza senayan APT. Iki was also sadly said: 'bye bye big ouchi' (bye bye big house).

Papa-chan will still stay in Jakarta for sometime. He is very very busy that sometimes our presence in Jakarta disturbed his work. He said that his boss and coworkers looked really tired already having such a long working hours without holiday. That's why he felt sorry that his family's presence sometimes made him away from work for several times during the busy time. Which made me feel guilty too......

Anyway we are leaving now. I hope papa-chan wouldn't get too tired and sick. Dining out everyday must be tiring too, especially that I know those food at the restaurants contain a lot of additives!

See you again in Japan, papa-chan. I will cook healthy food for you everyday later, and half an hour massage every night hahaha

We surely will miss you :)


Batik is very popular now (at least) in Jakarta. Lots of people wear Batik in different colors and styles. Women's section at department store at Plaza senayan was also full of Batik.

I bought two only. At Mall ambassador last week. I really like them and felt georgeous wearing them. Hiro also said that they were really nice here, but may be not in Japan (Blah)

I'm now trying to find sleeveless batik and shorts for Iki. He said that my Batik was kakoi (cool) and that he wanted one. Couldn't find any yet :(. Most of children's batik were shirts, or long sleeves. Japan would be too hot for that :(

Warung Podjok

We had lunch at this restaurant almost everyday last week. We love the food and the hospitality, though it's a bit pricey. Yesterday was our last dinner there so we ordered our favourite ever Sop Buntut Goreng. I said goodbye too, which made those pretty ladies took Iki's pictures using their handphones hahaha.

We may look boring staying only in Plaza Senayan during our stay in Jakarta, but we are satisfied. We had good food available there, had enough shopping, and had enough doughnuts (Iki) :p

Friday, May 30, 2008

A shocking surprise

Tina said that she would visit me during her business trip in Jakarta, so this morning I eagerly waited for her. It's been 3 years, and I was so waiting forward to meet her.

She texted me that they arrived at Lobby (and I was curious who were the 'WE' she meant). It was Tom!! I was so surprised and so was he. He also didn't know that they were going to meet me. What a shocking surprised, and I was really really happy. It's been 5 or 6 years not to meet him.

They got along with Iki pretty well, even Tom who claimed that he doesn't want to be a grandfather :)). They could meet Hiro, luckily, for few minutes before they went back to Surabaya.

Thank you so much, Tina. For the visit, the anniversary present, and the very nice surprise.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Small accident

We are at the pool side now. I told Iki not to stand on the rocky stairs a moment before he wanted to jump. I jumped to catch him, we both fell down from the stairs. I tried my best to protect him using my body. Thank God he's allright, and I just got some bruises on my body.

Iki cried, and I was so scared if something happened to him. Seemed it was a shock crying. He calmed down after I gave him some water. Some pool staffs came over and helped us, and they also put some betadine on my bruises. Damn it was painful that I really wanted to cry, but couldn't . If I did Iki would be scared and cry too....

But he knew it was his mistake. As I laid down here to calm my self down, he took two white flowers and gave them to me.

'mama-chan, coyi......', he said.

Which really brought me into tears....

KFC vs Peking Duck

Suddenly I really wanted to eat fried chickens from KFC so I brought Iki back to Plaza senayan after his nap only to buy it. I bought my fave crispy thigh and perkedel, with lots of KFC's special chilli sauce.

I used to eat KFC frequently during my single time. I loved it, so it was quite nostalgic to eat it again after years. Of course there's KFC in Japan. But the chicken is tiny compared to Indonesian's KFC. No perkedel, and no chilli sauce! - and of course way more expensive :p

The perkedel was as delicious as usual, I made this long hmmmmmhhhh sound at the first bite. The chicken's skin was really crispy - and fatty!! I felt guilty to my body eating such an oily food when my phone rang. Hiro finished working earlier today, and wanted to invite his boss and coworkers to have dinner at home. WHAT?!?! I threw back my chicken into its box and started to see what did I have in the refrigerator panicly.

I am a very slow cooker, even after these three years. So in such a short notice I could only prepare potato, spinach, and miso soup for nearly 1 hour :( :(. Luckily Hiro's boss bought Peking Duck. But what an embarassing hostess I was :( :( :(

At last after bathing Iki I could get chance to eat. No, I did't finish my KFC yet. I ate the Peking Duck instead, which was really really delicious (though it was as fatty as KFC hahaha)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sop Buntut Goreng

Ohhhh Myyyy Goddddd!! This food was really a blast. So crispy, so fatty, so tasty, so tender, so gurihh, so ueenuaaak!!!

I'm familiar with Sop Buntut, but this lunch was my first time eating Sop buntut goreng. With Soda Gembira, it was just a perfect lunch :)

I'm still accompanying Iki at Krispy Kreme right now. He's in love with this doughnut that we come here everyday after lunch. I could enjoy the free wi-fi while laughing out loud watching him dancing to Britney Spears' song :p

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thank you

Thank you for these three years
Three years full of love, attention, and lessons of life.
The best three years of my life so far.

No big celebration today. Hiro is still busy at work. But we managed to have lunch and dinner together. Hiro went back home for our simple dinner. Shinjaga no age ni with Miso soup and rice. That's all, but it was really a personal happy moment for me to see both Hiro and Iki ate them greedily.

Hiro bought me that Longchamp handbag as a present, and he got Nokia E90, plus 1 hour 'shierly's massage' voucher :p. I actually don't expect that present. Being together on this day (in Indonesia, this year) is the most important thing. Having delicious meal together was even better. But of course that present was an additional happiness hahaha

Thank you Hiro, for all your efforts so that this day (again) is very special to me :)

Nasi Goreng Kambing Pedas

Was my lunch today, again at Warung Podjok. We fell in love with that place. For the food, the friendliness, and the environment (I hate eating using stereofoam plates at Food Court!).

It was delicious. Spicy but not harmful to my tummy. Tasty with not too strong spices. Too bad the goat meat was a bit too hard.

I had tempe bacem again as side dish. Haven't get bored of it yet! And Iki sticked to the Otak otak as his appetizer.

Hiro and Iki loved the Sop buntut goreng they ordered. He said that it was the most delicious Indonesian food so far. I think it would be my lunch tomorrow!!


Am having creambath at Johnny Andrean now, with special request on massaging. Boy, this woman has magic hands!!!

This is what I called: massage orgasm :p

Monday, May 26, 2008

Lontong Cap Go Meh

This was my lunch today. This food reminds me of Valens' mom hahaha. She definitely cooks the best one ever.

But this Warung Podjok's Lontong Cap Go Meh was not bad. It was thick and tasty though I miss some ingredients. A satisfying lunch, though it was actually a wrong choice for my 'suffering' stomach. Yeah I have stomach pain because of the delicious yet too spicy eRWe I ate yesterday :(

Hiro had Gurame goreng. They (and Iki) loved that crispy fish. And Iki fell in love with otak otak tenggiri.

I planned to have creambath during Iki's nap, but must go back early today because of my stomach pain :(. Is it because the spicy level or the hygienic problem?!

PS: I hate my phone's camera. I couldn't get good pictures :(

Krispy Kreme

We're at Krispi Kreme now. Iki is having his chocolate cruller doughnut while I am enjoying my cold cappucino and free wi-fi :p

Krispy Kreme is new in Japan and people have to queue for 1 hour only to buy doughnuts, but here there are only three tables occupied.

Iki loves his doughnut, and he is now dancing to the music beat. He cracks me out hahaha

Jambu air

At last I found Jambu air at SOGO. Three for damn 25.000 IDR. I bought them anyway because I've been wanting than fruit since I came here.

And they were not as sweet as I expected. Sadddddd :p

Family day

It's papa-chan holiday today. His first holiday after two weeks working almost 14 hours a day, but would be our only family free day here since Iki and I will go to Surabaya next Saturday.

We spent the whole morning at the swimming pool. Iki had a great time playing with papa-chan, and finally I can have some real swim. Eventhough I bring Iki swimming almost everyday, I must take care of him all the time. It was a great sport day after for me. We are all get more tanned now :p

Iki wanted to eat pizza so we went to pizza hut. It didn't taste good at all :(. Hiro and I got difficulty finishing the pizza, but luckily Iki ate his portion happily. I really would prefer to eat KFC hehehe (I miss the sambal sauce). I must eat it sometime next week!

Then I cooked for dinner. Simple stir fry veggies and squid. Feel really good because Hiro and Iki loved it. I think they both fed up eating oily food :p

Hiro will go back to his daily routine again tomorrow. He spent his only holiday to pamper us instead of taking a rest at home. Thank you very much, I really enjoyed our family time today :)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Manadonese style breakfast

So this is my breakfast menu from what I bought at Ambassador Mall yesterday. RW.

This is definitely the spiciest food I've ever eaten ever since I came to Jakarta this time. But also definitely the most delicious one!

Manado Food at ITC

I was surprised to see a lot of Manadonese restaurants at Mall Ambassador. I was actually trying to find Sop buntut goreng recommended by Vivi but quickly changed my mind hehehe.

I bought panada (fried bread with spicy cakalang inside), ketan like cake in wajik shape (I forgot the name but I used to eat it in Manado), and RW!!!! It's now inside my refrigerator for my breakfast or lunch tomorrow hahaha. Hiro already gave me 'ewwwwww' face when I showed it to him.

I would love to go to that place again for the food but I think not with Iki. It was to crowded and hot that it was a pain in the ass walking around with a stroller. But I'm glad to be able to visit that Mall this time. Thanks to Nina & Adnan!

Ayam goreng Ketumbar

Today we had lunch at Warung Podjok, an Indonesian restaurant in warung style decoration. I had this ayam goreng ketumbar which was really really good. The skin was very crispy and the meat was tender with good proportion taste of ketumbar. I also ordered tempe bacem (which I already wanted for months) and it tasted just perfect. And my drink? Soda gembira!!

Iki also ate this ayam goreng a lot, with a pack of kerupum udang and 1 big kerupuk warung. My boy really loves kerupuk!

Even better, today's lunch was a treat from Nina because she just got a job promotion :))

Unexpected meeting

Today Nina came from Bandung to visit me. I was very happy to see her again after years, and also to get Donal Bebek (Donald duck) magazine as present. I used to love this magazine. To my surprise, she asked Adnan to join us too. So we had lunch together at Plaza senayan. I didn't expect to meet him here so I was very happy. Iki likes to play with him too, he called him 'jiji' hahahaha

Then we went to Ambassador Mall and ITC kuningan for some shopping. Adnan was so kindly babysitting Iki while Nina and I crazily jumped from one shop to another. Batik is now a trend in Indonesia so I bought some sexy and exotic clothes. Nova's batik online shop is cheaper and more fashionable though!! So sad that I don't have internet connection here to check it more. I could negotiate the price at ITC. I forgot when was the last time doing price bargaining but somewhat I'm still good at it hahaha. I didn't shop much, but I'm satisfied :p

Then we met Baby Mariza! Another surprise for me as well. Last time I met her was when I stayed over at her place in Diemen, Holland. Yeaarsss years ago!

What an exciting day! Thank you so much for visiting me, Nina!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Din Tai Fun

They claimed that they are one of the best 10 restaurants in the world, voted by the New York Times, but for me it was the worst Chinese Restaurant ever :p (and Hiro agreed).

I had this noodle with sliced beef in sichuan sauce for lunch today. The Noodle was not chewy and too sticky; and the sauce was too sour. Hiro had fried rice and according to him the taste was really standard. The price really not worthed the food. At least the avocado juice didn't taste bad :p

Johnny Andrean

Having two pretty ladies taking care of my hands and feet here. Last time I had manicure and pedicure was when we were about to leave Korea last year. This is something I couldn't afford in Japan hahaha

I prefer how the Korean nail salon cleaned my nails though, but this pretty indonesian woman is definitely good in massaging!

I chose silvery grey for my nails this time. Pretty colors :p

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Soto Betawi

My lunch today was Soto Betawi. It was my second time eating it, the first one was with enyo. It was like coto makassar without nutty taste for me. Delicious, though for Hiro it was thick and salty (I think all Indonesian food are thick for him :p).

I ordered Teh Botol Sosro along, and it was just a perfect lunch - especially without Iki's disturbance since he was sleeping in his stroller hehe

Japanese mama :p

Iki wanted to go out anyway, so I brought him to the playground this afternoon. I let him playing with his mini cars weakly while I had a chat with some Japanese mothers.

They greeted me and talked to me in Japanese since the beginning, and was really surprised when I told them that I was an Indonesian actually. They said that eventhough I talked with Iki in English, I totally looked like a Japanese mother. Hahaha! I heard that for the first time in my life!!!

They said that they have been wondering where I come from, and these how they analized me! Hahaha (dasar ibu2 tukang gosippppp):

Indonesian rich mother living in this apartment won't be at the park playing with the kids. There were only the nannies bringing the Indonesian children.

Indonesian rich women will not wear such a simple cloth, but a nanny wouldn't wear make up and long earrings (god, they even paid attention to the earrings!!!)

My make up was totally like Japanese mama's make up (u know? All of our make up style and color were the SAME!! I wondered if they all read last month's VERY magazine)

My hairstyle was definitely Japanese style

And they heard Iki called me 'mama-chan' :p

They said that they adored my tanned skin and was actually about to ask what kind of tanning cream I used. Most of them have been living in Indonesia for 1 or 2 years but the tanned color is 'different'. They said that my tanned skin looked real and natural (hahhahaha it IS!!). They gave me long Japanese 'eeeeeee' scream when I told them that I got my skin tanned in 5 days :))

So today I heard for the first time that I actually had passed Hiro's tests and looked like real Japanese mama, though a tanned one :))

Iki is sick :(

My boy is down with cold today :(. I couldn't hear him scattering and couldn't see him jumping here and there. He still asked for swimming though! He is very weak. He wants me to hug him all the time or accompany him weakly playing on the floor.

Guess I must give up my shopping to mangga dua until he is fine. We are not allowed to go any further than Senayan Plaza now. I must give up my plan to Bali too (sorry Carla & Mariza...) and will go to Surabaya by the end of this month.

Indonesian food outside would be too heavy for him too, so for now I cook all his meal. Another work, but his health comes first. Hopefully he would be fine soon......

Iki is sick :(

My boy is down with cold today :(. I couldn't hear him scattering and couldn't see him jumping here and there. He still asked for swimming though! He is very weak. He wants me to hug him all the time or accompany him weakly playing on the floor.

Guess I must give up my shopping to mangga dua until he is fine. We are not allowed to go any further than Senayan Plaza now. I must give up my plan to Bali too (sorry Carla & Mariza...) and will go to Surabaya by the end of this month.

Indonesian food outside would be too heavy for him too, so for now I cook all his meal. Another work, but his health comes first. Hopefully he would be fine soon......

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bakmi GM

I thought I wouldn't get any chance to try this recommended by Yun's legendary noodle, but I found the branch in front of the Hero supermarket at Underground of Metro, beside Senayan Plaza. So this afternoon this Bakmi GM special with Bakso was our lunch menu.

It tasted really really good. One of the best food I ever had in Jakarta so far. I didn't put any ketchup or chilli sauce this time because I want to feel the real taste. Next time I will try to put some sauces and experimenting with the taste haha. Iki also loved it. It was the first time he ate Indonesian lunch that much!!

I also ordered pangsit goreng (fried wantan) as side dish. Iki loved it too! And Susu soda for my drink. The susu soda taste reminded me of my student time, and I can't wait to find and drink Soda gembira again hahaha

Total damage was IDR 37,500. For a portion of Bakmi Special, pangsit goreng, and susu soda.

Some updates from Senayan Plaza

No, I'm not recovered yet. Still struggling with heavy cough and runny nose :(. Must take rest as much as possible or I won't be able to enjoy as much food as I wished!

We're staying at Senayan Plaza apartment during our visit in Jakarta. The apartment is located right behind the Senayan Plaza so I go to that shopping mall everyday. For daily shopping or simply having lunch. So far the furthest place I visited was Senayan City Mall which was actually right across Senayan Plaza! I could find whatever I need so I'm not interested to go out in this humid hot weather, in Jakarta's famous traffic jam, with my never ending coughs and runny nose. Nova, No, I haven't tried busway yet, and I think bringing Iki, I won't :p. I'm not allowed to bring Iki around as much as I like. Haven't shopped women's needs much yet too (read: clothes and accessories). I feel like Plaza senayan and Senayan City are too expensive for my budgets. I could buy stuffs with the same price in Japan. Why would I buy them in Indonesia then? Hahah. Any recommended cheap and 'comfortable' place to shop?

I don't have internet connection. I could only do mobile blogging and check my gmail through this HP. Yes, Vivi, I will go to surabaya so please email me your number because I can't access my gmail's phone book :(. I will meet my parents, family and my friends there so I feel really excited!

Almost every morning I brought Iki to the swimming pool or playground and let him play there. Then every lunch Iki and I go to Plaza Senayan or Senayan City. I want to taste as much Jakarta's specialty as possible, though my choice is limited because I share my meal with Iki. Hiro's office is just across Plaza Senayan too so sometimes we have lunch together. I still have to cook dinner, especially for Iki since he needs Japanese comfort food after all the 'heavy' and oily Indonesian food he eats every lunch. Sometimes Hiro comes back home for dinner too, but mostly he has to work everyday until 10 p.m.

Nyo came and visited us for 3 days, but went back to surabaya already yesterday. We do feel lonely afterwards, especially Iki. He keeps asking me about Nyo, and tried to find her in the guest bedroom or the bathroom. But this weekend Nina will come from Bandung, and Tina also will visit us next week. Can't wait to see them!

Is there any of you around here who would love to meet us? Denny perhaps?! :p

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Having lunch with Iki outside because our apartment is not yet provided with kitchen utensils. Not even a knife or a single frying pan.

Nasi goreng Jawa I shared with Iki tasted really good. I wonder how much MSG they put inside haha.

Waiting forward for Enyo's visit this evening :p

Saturday, May 17, 2008

bless me!

woke up at 1.30 am this morning and got frustated because i couldn't go back into sleep no matter how i tried. guess i was too nervous to have this long trip with iki haha.

iki on the other hand looks really fine. he is very actively playing with his grandparents now.

i tried my best to give them my best smile, and used as much concealer as possible to cover my sleepy eyes.

arrgh..will arrive at the airport soon. oh god, bless me!

Friday, May 16, 2008

coughing and lonely

my cough is getting worse these past few days so i had to do the lastthing i want to do: calling my mother in law! iki didn't let me have a little sleep at all so i need her to take care of him. so since yesterday i could sleep peacefully.

i think i had too much sleeping during the days that now i couldn't close my eyes anymore in the middle of the night. i just realized that my bedroom seems empty now with only one bed. i couldn't recall when was the last time i sleep alone. hiro is now working abroad and now in my dark room i'm missing him so much. the feeling i almost forgot for few years until tonight.
anyway must go back to sleep now. tomorrow i have to finish packing. i hope my cough would get better so that the long trip with iki only to meet hiro would be smooth!!

ps: sorry haven't replied any comments yet. been doing mobile blogging only these few days. i will as soon as i get better :)

Monday, May 12, 2008


this would be a busy week but i catch a cold. damn.

i couldn't have any sleep. iki keeps jumping on my head. he's upset that he couldn't go swimming today...

hope i could recover before saturday :(

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Thai festival

We are at full-of-people-that-we-could-hardly-walk Thai festival 2008 in Tokyo. I didn't expect that people would be this much :(

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I really REALLY want to eat.......

Bakso Pak Salam
Mie pangsit Pak Salam
Nasi bebek madura Canggih
Soto Banjar at Kedungdoro
Kwetiau siram at Apeng Restaurant
Lele, telor, terong penyet
Nasi Udang Bu Rudi
Ayam & Bakwan penyet Bu Kris
Tahu Tek Tek
Nasi Padang nearby CDU office
Cah Kangkung
Sate babi bikinan mama
Pastel tutup bikinan oma
Sop sener bikinan oma
Mie kuah babi bikinan mama
Tinoransak bikinan mama
Empek-empek palembang
Rujak manis
Nasi Kuning Banjar + Haruan
Soto Ayam pucang
R-W :p
Nasi Goreng Ikan asin
Mie dokdok pedes
Bubur Ayam surya
Coto Makassar
Lemper ayam bikinan maminya Palen hahaha
Lontong Cap Go Meh
Pisang goreng pake bumbu petis pedes :p

The list was much longer. I deleted 1/3 of it already....
Huuu huuuuu *drooling*

Friday, May 09, 2008

ci-chan sad

Hiro has been very busy these past three weeks. He has very important project that he has to work till late every day, even during weekends and golden week.He often has late dinner and caught a cold because he was too tired. I just hope everything will be fine!

Tonight Iki had dinner with me only, as usual. Before started he asked about papa-chan, and i told him that papa is still at work. This is what he said then: "papa-chan nai, ci-chan sad. ci-chan mau papa-chan" (papa is not here, iki-chan is sad. iki-chan wants papa).

Poor boy...

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Mama's make up

Cosmetics is an essential need here in Tokyo. Especially when you live in a company apartment complex where all wives always step out of their houses with their best appearances. Even for only throwing away garbage or accompanying children playing downstairs!! They do wear jeans and T-shirts, but I never see anyone without make up on their faces. I didn't really pay attention to this matter at first, but well, as time goes I have to struggle everyday between my busy mornings to put some make up on. I am not good on this, FYI! (>.<).
Once I asked Hiro, what if the apartment was on fire when I was in bath?! He simply answered, "Of course at least you have to put lipsticks on!" Ha?!

According to VERY magazine, May 2008 Edition, there are three types of make up tips for a woman. Mama's make up, wife's make up, and office's make up. Since I'm not a working mother, I'll share about mama's make up and wife's make up in separate posts :)

The key point here is to appear very simple yet elegant. That's why the usage of foundation is omitted. Here are the steps:

Cosmetics base
, preferable UV essential base.
I use Biotherm's moisturizer here as my last step daily skin care. No UV essential but I like it because my skin is very dry and that product can give extra protection the whole day.

UV protection with SPF 50 PA+++
I use Kanebo's Allie SPF 50. It is also waterproof and recommended for water sport activity. Start by making small dots on your face with your finger before spread it all over your face.

I use body shop's one. Choose a bit lighter color than your skin. Apply some amount on your hand first, then use your finger to apply it under your eyes to camouflage the dark color.

Face loose powder.
I use body shop's too, the darkest color. Tap the sponge gently all over the face. Avoid rubbing it on your skin!

Eye brow liner.
I use Revlon's eyebrow pencil, grey one.

Eye shadow.
Choose natural color, the closest color to your skin. The idea for mama make up is that you seem like putting on almost no make up. Eye shadow color's choice is one important factor to sharpen make up. I choose this Revlon's eye color stick, bronze one.

My eye lashes are super short so I need a product that can make them look longer. I also use waterproof one because there were too many incidents that blackened my under eyes!
I don't put mascara on my lower eye's lashes. I don't like the very big eyes effect.

Cheek color.
Almost all wives I meet everyday use pink or orange cheek color because they have very light skin color. I prefer Body shop's bronze pearls. I'm still NOT good applying this thing on my cheeks *sigh*. I tried to put it on as thin as possible, but so far I'm not satisfied with the result yet :(

I use this "cute" Maquillage cheek brush from Shiseido instead of sponge from the bronze pearl's package. I tried using sponge once and shocked seeing the thick color on my face!

I use Integrate's liquid dark brown lipstick for daily use. Thinking about changing into lighter color once I finish this :p

The magazine wrote that usually it takes 5 minutes to complete this mama's make up steps, but I still need 12 minutes - could be longer if Iki disturbs me :p

How long do you do your daily make up???

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

coffee time

The weather is very good today. we spent the whole morning playing at the park. after lunch then i brought iki to ikebukuro. our coffee is out of stock and i need a pair of flat yet fashionable shoes. it's sale month at seibu ikebukuro but those cute shoes are till above my budget hhhh. i spent too mch money already shopping these months so i guess i'd better not to buy anymore stuffs here or we will be bankrupt hahaha. i ended up having this caramel frappucino at starbucks,while iki is sleeping on his stroller.
well, i guess i will have a bit more window shopping before going home :p

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Bobo's Birthday

Last Saturday was my mother in law's (MIL) birthday. We went to Yokohama together to have dinner party with my sister in law's family. It was the first time we could all sit on the same table and eat after we moved to Japan so my parents in law were really looking forward to it. MIL said that it was a great birthday present already.

We prepared personalized calendar with everyone's pictures in various occasions. My sister in law made it. It was a sweet birthday present for that old woman :)

We had dinner at a crab restaurant. The food was (of course) not as delicious as the crab I had in Hokkaido, but we had so much fun there. Iki also enjoyed playing together with his cousins.

The appetizer came in this cute box. From left to right: boiled crab, bamboo shoots salad with kani miso dressing, tofu with crab topping, and green salad with Japanese dressing.

Then came this pretty decorated crab sashimi.

And chawan mushi for the kids

The main menu was grilled crab with various vegetables. I didn't take any pictures because everyone was too hungry already. It was my first time eating crab in that style. Tasted good!!

And I had this Warabi Mochi as dessert. Really a perfect one to end my dinner!!!

Iki played a lot and said some new vocabularies that night, all in Japanese. He collected almost all the crab shaped chopsticks stands on the table and put them inside his pockets. I thought then he gave them back all before going home......but I found one left inside his pocket the next day. Oh my.....little thief! :))