Thursday, May 22, 2008

Japanese mama :p

Iki wanted to go out anyway, so I brought him to the playground this afternoon. I let him playing with his mini cars weakly while I had a chat with some Japanese mothers.

They greeted me and talked to me in Japanese since the beginning, and was really surprised when I told them that I was an Indonesian actually. They said that eventhough I talked with Iki in English, I totally looked like a Japanese mother. Hahaha! I heard that for the first time in my life!!!

They said that they have been wondering where I come from, and these how they analized me! Hahaha (dasar ibu2 tukang gosippppp):

Indonesian rich mother living in this apartment won't be at the park playing with the kids. There were only the nannies bringing the Indonesian children.

Indonesian rich women will not wear such a simple cloth, but a nanny wouldn't wear make up and long earrings (god, they even paid attention to the earrings!!!)

My make up was totally like Japanese mama's make up (u know? All of our make up style and color were the SAME!! I wondered if they all read last month's VERY magazine)

My hairstyle was definitely Japanese style

And they heard Iki called me 'mama-chan' :p

They said that they adored my tanned skin and was actually about to ask what kind of tanning cream I used. Most of them have been living in Indonesia for 1 or 2 years but the tanned color is 'different'. They said that my tanned skin looked real and natural (hahhahaha it IS!!). They gave me long Japanese 'eeeeeee' scream when I told them that I got my skin tanned in 5 days :))

So today I heard for the first time that I actually had passed Hiro's tests and looked like real Japanese mama, though a tanned one :))


NoorIntan said...

Tanned, Japanese Mama who wears simple clothes but with make-up and long earrings? Sounds like a hot mama to me! :D

The Diva said...

iya, Hot Mama... hihihi
tapi masak sih dandanannya sama semua MUt??? Hihihihi Jap style ya?

mana fotomu sendiri?
kOK ngga foto sih hasil make up japanese mama -mu? Pingin liattt...

speaking of tan... I've come to terms where I am proud of my skin and my tan by now.

You should see the Germans in winter and spring time, they're all so pale, and now welcoming summer and wearing summer clothings, they all look like pale ghosts, hahahahaha.

Us? We stay tanned all year long, be it winter or spring time ^__^

benova said...

Make up mama......mosok podo kabeh?

Coba bandingin dandanan cewek thai deh hahaha, mesti pake merah2 smua.