Thursday, May 08, 2008

Mama's make up

Cosmetics is an essential need here in Tokyo. Especially when you live in a company apartment complex where all wives always step out of their houses with their best appearances. Even for only throwing away garbage or accompanying children playing downstairs!! They do wear jeans and T-shirts, but I never see anyone without make up on their faces. I didn't really pay attention to this matter at first, but well, as time goes I have to struggle everyday between my busy mornings to put some make up on. I am not good on this, FYI! (>.<).
Once I asked Hiro, what if the apartment was on fire when I was in bath?! He simply answered, "Of course at least you have to put lipsticks on!" Ha?!

According to VERY magazine, May 2008 Edition, there are three types of make up tips for a woman. Mama's make up, wife's make up, and office's make up. Since I'm not a working mother, I'll share about mama's make up and wife's make up in separate posts :)

The key point here is to appear very simple yet elegant. That's why the usage of foundation is omitted. Here are the steps:

Cosmetics base
, preferable UV essential base.
I use Biotherm's moisturizer here as my last step daily skin care. No UV essential but I like it because my skin is very dry and that product can give extra protection the whole day.

UV protection with SPF 50 PA+++
I use Kanebo's Allie SPF 50. It is also waterproof and recommended for water sport activity. Start by making small dots on your face with your finger before spread it all over your face.

I use body shop's one. Choose a bit lighter color than your skin. Apply some amount on your hand first, then use your finger to apply it under your eyes to camouflage the dark color.

Face loose powder.
I use body shop's too, the darkest color. Tap the sponge gently all over the face. Avoid rubbing it on your skin!

Eye brow liner.
I use Revlon's eyebrow pencil, grey one.

Eye shadow.
Choose natural color, the closest color to your skin. The idea for mama make up is that you seem like putting on almost no make up. Eye shadow color's choice is one important factor to sharpen make up. I choose this Revlon's eye color stick, bronze one.

My eye lashes are super short so I need a product that can make them look longer. I also use waterproof one because there were too many incidents that blackened my under eyes!
I don't put mascara on my lower eye's lashes. I don't like the very big eyes effect.

Cheek color.
Almost all wives I meet everyday use pink or orange cheek color because they have very light skin color. I prefer Body shop's bronze pearls. I'm still NOT good applying this thing on my cheeks *sigh*. I tried to put it on as thin as possible, but so far I'm not satisfied with the result yet :(

I use this "cute" Maquillage cheek brush from Shiseido instead of sponge from the bronze pearl's package. I tried using sponge once and shocked seeing the thick color on my face!

I use Integrate's liquid dark brown lipstick for daily use. Thinking about changing into lighter color once I finish this :p

The magazine wrote that usually it takes 5 minutes to complete this mama's make up steps, but I still need 12 minutes - could be longer if Iki disturbs me :p

How long do you do your daily make up???


yun said...

Aku seneng ama topik kali ini :D
untuk "mama's" make up minimum 10 menit (tanpa maskara) dan up to 30 menit (dengan maskara, karena sering merasa terlalu tebal terus hapus lagi ulang dari awal :P )
Kalo lagi mood make up lebih berwarna, kalo lagi malas make up nya lebih alami dan kalo lagi gak mood gak pake make up tapi tidak keluar dari rumah samse (sekalipun cuman ke kotak pos)
Paling seneng kalo ke mertua, pake make up agak tebel biar dia mulai mikir macam2 (hehehe... mertuaku gak suka make up makanya seneng profokasi dia :D )

Carla said...

daily one? less than 2 minutes. my most used tools are: body shop's vitamin e moisturiser, eyebrow liner (i like having gypsy look) and lip butter. if i feel like it, i'll put on some lipstick.

for parties, hmm.. 10-15 minutes. and that's because of the eyelash-curler and the mascara. i wear it also on my bottom eyelashes. i particularly love to get the most highlight of the overall makeup on my eyes. ;)

mamanya Rui said...

Wah, make up mu lumayan lengkap ya Moet. Kalo aku pakai penyegar yang plus pelembab plus tabir matahari (semuanya dalam satu botol), trus pakai bedak padat yang sudah termasuk foundation dari Fine-Fit Sofina (kata iklannya sih bisa membuat kulit wajah terlihat 5 tahun lebih muda, huahaha). Trus bedak tabur DHC yang kerlip2 biar mukaku bercahaya layaknya neon kali.... Itu juga gak sampai 5 menit macak-e, pakai disambi nguber nguber Rui buat ganti baju pula. Hehe.

Eh, Rabu ketemuan ya. Di rumahku juga monggo lho jeng. Nova bisa gak ya? Nanti aku tinggalin pesen juga di tempatnya.

NoorIntan said...

I'm hopeless... even for daily make-up takes me 10-15 minutes in front of mirror :(... Maybe I'm such a perfectionist I don't want a single streak over my face :p

Apalagi buat party, duh sampe pegel & tahan2 napas applying mascara & eyeliner :D

The Diva said...

bahkan sudah mau buat topik tandingan... baca blog ku yaaa!!!

How many minutes? Believe it or not, after reading this posting over breakfast, I actually took the minutes while doing my morning makeup, hahahahahahaha.

guess what, 15 minutes!!!
And that was perfectly made up (tanpa hairwash and hairdrying lho yaaa)

SOOOO I'm not such a make-up freak after all, hihihihi...
Atau karena aku udah biasa dan tanganku udah lancar dan cepet banget??