Friday, May 16, 2008

coughing and lonely

my cough is getting worse these past few days so i had to do the lastthing i want to do: calling my mother in law! iki didn't let me have a little sleep at all so i need her to take care of him. so since yesterday i could sleep peacefully.

i think i had too much sleeping during the days that now i couldn't close my eyes anymore in the middle of the night. i just realized that my bedroom seems empty now with only one bed. i couldn't recall when was the last time i sleep alone. hiro is now working abroad and now in my dark room i'm missing him so much. the feeling i almost forgot for few years until tonight.
anyway must go back to sleep now. tomorrow i have to finish packing. i hope my cough would get better so that the long trip with iki only to meet hiro would be smooth!!

ps: sorry haven't replied any comments yet. been doing mobile blogging only these few days. i will as soon as i get better :)


Carla said...

wadoh. cepat sembuh, shier! tidur yg banyak dan minum air putih yang banyak. kalo kamu banyak mikirin aku, pasti cepat sembuh juga. :D

NoorIntan said...

Mum-in-laws are to be used... Sometimes :p

Met jalan and ketemu Hiro, smoga batukmu cepet sembuh biar di pesawat ndak mbangunin orang2 sekitar :D

yun said...

Selamat seneng2 ketemu Hiro, bayangin senengnya aja mut.. sapa tau bisa bikin cepet sembuh ;)
*Big hug for you*