Monday, May 26, 2008

Family day

It's papa-chan holiday today. His first holiday after two weeks working almost 14 hours a day, but would be our only family free day here since Iki and I will go to Surabaya next Saturday.

We spent the whole morning at the swimming pool. Iki had a great time playing with papa-chan, and finally I can have some real swim. Eventhough I bring Iki swimming almost everyday, I must take care of him all the time. It was a great sport day after for me. We are all get more tanned now :p

Iki wanted to eat pizza so we went to pizza hut. It didn't taste good at all :(. Hiro and I got difficulty finishing the pizza, but luckily Iki ate his portion happily. I really would prefer to eat KFC hehehe (I miss the sambal sauce). I must eat it sometime next week!

Then I cooked for dinner. Simple stir fry veggies and squid. Feel really good because Hiro and Iki loved it. I think they both fed up eating oily food :p

Hiro will go back to his daily routine again tomorrow. He spent his only holiday to pamper us instead of taking a rest at home. Thank you very much, I really enjoyed our family time today :)

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