Sunday, May 25, 2008

Unexpected meeting

Today Nina came from Bandung to visit me. I was very happy to see her again after years, and also to get Donal Bebek (Donald duck) magazine as present. I used to love this magazine. To my surprise, she asked Adnan to join us too. So we had lunch together at Plaza senayan. I didn't expect to meet him here so I was very happy. Iki likes to play with him too, he called him 'jiji' hahahaha

Then we went to Ambassador Mall and ITC kuningan for some shopping. Adnan was so kindly babysitting Iki while Nina and I crazily jumped from one shop to another. Batik is now a trend in Indonesia so I bought some sexy and exotic clothes. Nova's batik online shop is cheaper and more fashionable though!! So sad that I don't have internet connection here to check it more. I could negotiate the price at ITC. I forgot when was the last time doing price bargaining but somewhat I'm still good at it hahaha. I didn't shop much, but I'm satisfied :p

Then we met Baby Mariza! Another surprise for me as well. Last time I met her was when I stayed over at her place in Diemen, Holland. Yeaarsss years ago!

What an exciting day! Thank you so much for visiting me, Nina!!


The Diva said...

Did Iki take the picture, since he was nowhere to be seen on the pic? Hahahahahahhah...

I hate your mobile blogging, cannot click on the pic and make it bigger, huh.

Btw kamu putihan ya Mut? OR is it the japanese mama make-up? Hihihihi...

show me what you shopped???!!!!

Huhh kangen pulang Indo, nge-mall, shopping and ketemu teman2....

benova said... udah borong batik ya... jadi dong aku nawarin batikku huahahha.
Kalau beli di Mall sih mmg rada mahal, tp aku jg gak tau apa yg kau beli berbahan sutra ..or merk Danar Hadi??hehehe ya jelas mahal ^_^.
Kamu beli yg sexi n exotic??....huaah mana tahan...hihihi really2 "hot mama".
Ga tau kamu msh mau gak sperti permintaanmu dl, tp ceceku blm foto n krm ke aku tuh .
Btw, kamu dah dpt email dr aku ya.
Kamu bs buka email ga?
Ini kamu bisa baca commentku kan? hehehe.
Kalow ke surabaya gak bs buka email/internet acces...go to warnet Mut hehehehe.