Saturday, May 31, 2008


Batik is very popular now (at least) in Jakarta. Lots of people wear Batik in different colors and styles. Women's section at department store at Plaza senayan was also full of Batik.

I bought two only. At Mall ambassador last week. I really like them and felt georgeous wearing them. Hiro also said that they were really nice here, but may be not in Japan (Blah)

I'm now trying to find sleeveless batik and shorts for Iki. He said that my Batik was kakoi (cool) and that he wanted one. Couldn't find any yet :(. Most of children's batik were shirts, or long sleeves. Japan would be too hot for that :(


benova said...

Maybe you can find Batik for Iki at ITC Surbaya Moet.

Ataw aku jg pny tp sih...bukan kemeja ya, lengan pendek, gak ada kutungan hehehe.

Batikgifts said...

Batik become papular not only in Jakarta, but in many other sides of the world, for example, there are many batik artists in Russia and other countries!