Monday, May 26, 2008

Lontong Cap Go Meh

This was my lunch today. This food reminds me of Valens' mom hahaha. She definitely cooks the best one ever.

But this Warung Podjok's Lontong Cap Go Meh was not bad. It was thick and tasty though I miss some ingredients. A satisfying lunch, though it was actually a wrong choice for my 'suffering' stomach. Yeah I have stomach pain because of the delicious yet too spicy eRWe I ate yesterday :(

Hiro had Gurame goreng. They (and Iki) loved that crispy fish. And Iki fell in love with otak otak tenggiri.

I planned to have creambath during Iki's nap, but must go back early today because of my stomach pain :(. Is it because the spicy level or the hygienic problem?!

PS: I hate my phone's camera. I couldn't get good pictures :(

1 comment:

yun said...

Iyo iyoo... percaya pasti enak :P
mut bacao wisata kuliner... khan banyak makanan ngetop yang layak dicoba, jangan sampe nyesel gak cobain ;)