Thursday, May 29, 2008

KFC vs Peking Duck

Suddenly I really wanted to eat fried chickens from KFC so I brought Iki back to Plaza senayan after his nap only to buy it. I bought my fave crispy thigh and perkedel, with lots of KFC's special chilli sauce.

I used to eat KFC frequently during my single time. I loved it, so it was quite nostalgic to eat it again after years. Of course there's KFC in Japan. But the chicken is tiny compared to Indonesian's KFC. No perkedel, and no chilli sauce! - and of course way more expensive :p

The perkedel was as delicious as usual, I made this long hmmmmmhhhh sound at the first bite. The chicken's skin was really crispy - and fatty!! I felt guilty to my body eating such an oily food when my phone rang. Hiro finished working earlier today, and wanted to invite his boss and coworkers to have dinner at home. WHAT?!?! I threw back my chicken into its box and started to see what did I have in the refrigerator panicly.

I am a very slow cooker, even after these three years. So in such a short notice I could only prepare potato, spinach, and miso soup for nearly 1 hour :( :(. Luckily Hiro's boss bought Peking Duck. But what an embarassing hostess I was :( :( :(

At last after bathing Iki I could get chance to eat. No, I did't finish my KFC yet. I ate the Peking Duck instead, which was really really delicious (though it was as fatty as KFC hahaha)

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benova said...

Aku yo pengin KFC Mut, disini ga enak KFC ne, apalgi sambele gak ada blas.

Waktu aku plg, aku sempetin beli KFC maune makan disitu tp dewean risih hehehe, jadine ya dibawa pulang.

Mut...ueenaaake makan2e.


Aku nitip swikee dong hahaha.