Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bye bye, papa-chan

We are waiting for boarding at the airport now. We will be leaving to surabaya soon. It's somewhat sad to say goodbye to those nice people at Plaza senayan APT. Iki was also sadly said: 'bye bye big ouchi' (bye bye big house).

Papa-chan will still stay in Jakarta for sometime. He is very very busy that sometimes our presence in Jakarta disturbed his work. He said that his boss and coworkers looked really tired already having such a long working hours without holiday. That's why he felt sorry that his family's presence sometimes made him away from work for several times during the busy time. Which made me feel guilty too......

Anyway we are leaving now. I hope papa-chan wouldn't get too tired and sick. Dining out everyday must be tiring too, especially that I know those food at the restaurants contain a lot of additives!

See you again in Japan, papa-chan. I will cook healthy food for you everyday later, and half an hour massage every night hahaha

We surely will miss you :)

1 comment:

The Diva said...

hahaha selamat datang di kota pahlawan ya Muttt...

hiksss, too bad I am not there to see you. Miss you a lot...

jangan lupa makan bebek dan makan yang BUANYAKKK, nasi udang bu Rudy, gado2, LEMPER, and loads of other things!!!

btw ketemu arek2 juga kah?
di Sby nginep dimana??? salam buat Vivi nek ketemu ya. How long kamu di Sby?