Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Some updates from Senayan Plaza

No, I'm not recovered yet. Still struggling with heavy cough and runny nose :(. Must take rest as much as possible or I won't be able to enjoy as much food as I wished!

We're staying at Senayan Plaza apartment during our visit in Jakarta. The apartment is located right behind the Senayan Plaza so I go to that shopping mall everyday. For daily shopping or simply having lunch. So far the furthest place I visited was Senayan City Mall which was actually right across Senayan Plaza! I could find whatever I need so I'm not interested to go out in this humid hot weather, in Jakarta's famous traffic jam, with my never ending coughs and runny nose. Nova, No, I haven't tried busway yet, and I think bringing Iki, I won't :p. I'm not allowed to bring Iki around as much as I like. Haven't shopped women's needs much yet too (read: clothes and accessories). I feel like Plaza senayan and Senayan City are too expensive for my budgets. I could buy stuffs with the same price in Japan. Why would I buy them in Indonesia then? Hahah. Any recommended cheap and 'comfortable' place to shop?

I don't have internet connection. I could only do mobile blogging and check my gmail through this HP. Yes, Vivi, I will go to surabaya so please email me your number because I can't access my gmail's phone book :(. I will meet my parents, family and my friends there so I feel really excited!

Almost every morning I brought Iki to the swimming pool or playground and let him play there. Then every lunch Iki and I go to Plaza Senayan or Senayan City. I want to taste as much Jakarta's specialty as possible, though my choice is limited because I share my meal with Iki. Hiro's office is just across Plaza Senayan too so sometimes we have lunch together. I still have to cook dinner, especially for Iki since he needs Japanese comfort food after all the 'heavy' and oily Indonesian food he eats every lunch. Sometimes Hiro comes back home for dinner too, but mostly he has to work everyday until 10 p.m.

Nyo came and visited us for 3 days, but went back to surabaya already yesterday. We do feel lonely afterwards, especially Iki. He keeps asking me about Nyo, and tried to find her in the guest bedroom or the bathroom. But this weekend Nina will come from Bandung, and Tina also will visit us next week. Can't wait to see them!

Is there any of you around here who would love to meet us? Denny perhaps?! :p


denni said...

Looking for me?
Too bad, I'm not currently in Jakarta. I'll leave you with some (perhaps) useful infos for you.

Senayan Plaza is definitely a pricey place to shop. If you're into clothes and accessories, you should check ITC Mangga Dua, Mal Ambassador (Kuningan), or ITC Cempaka Mas (Kelapa Gading).

Some places (LaPiazza, Semanggi, Starbucks and maybe other cafes) offer (free) hotspots.

As for Japanese cuisines, aside from the usual Hoka-Hoka Bento, you could try Gokana Tepan at Mal Kelapa Gading.

The Diva said...



Carla is my friend, Vivi is even MORE than my friend, and Nyo, and Valens, and so on and so on and so on......... I MISS YOU AND I MISS THEM TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ngiriii suoroooooo sekarang, hiks hiks hiks...
Life is not fair, not fair, not fair!!!

*Btw the idea of 'njodohin' Iki sama Felicia is still on or not??? Hihihi*

Btw Mut, ITC Mangga Dua bagus kok, murah2 soro, mirip2 Pasar ATum tapi pake AC dan kayak Delta Plaza gitu lah. Bisa ajak Iki kesana lah, nggak parah kok.

3 tahun lalu aku ke sana sih, blanja abis2an, borong uakehhh, bagus2, baju, asesoris, muacem2... hahaha seperti pesta!!!
Try a dedicated day to go to ITC Mangga Dua, totally recommended dehhhhh!!!

benova said...

Yo ITC Mangga 2..recommended..naik taxi ae tp yo mhl je. But pake taxi hati2 ya pilih yg blue bird ae. Tp ojok keliru wrn biru e haahaha.

Atow ke Taman anggrek. tp yo podo wae, apa ke Lippo Karawaci? hahaha.Ada tmp berenang gede jg.

Ke Jogja ae wes Mut, ajak Hiro n Iki naik dokar disini.Lak seneng hehehe.

Vivi said...

hm...I think it should be okay if you took Blue Bird or Silver Bird Taxi from Senayan to Mal Ambassador, with ITC next to it. It's quite close to Senayan plaza.

I know they have way cheaper stuffs, with of course, adjusted quality hehehee.

Will send you the phone number by email!

Diva! When are you going back to Indonesia? no need to tell your mom, just stay by my place!!!