Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Bobo's Birthday

Last Saturday was my mother in law's (MIL) birthday. We went to Yokohama together to have dinner party with my sister in law's family. It was the first time we could all sit on the same table and eat after we moved to Japan so my parents in law were really looking forward to it. MIL said that it was a great birthday present already.

We prepared personalized calendar with everyone's pictures in various occasions. My sister in law made it. It was a sweet birthday present for that old woman :)

We had dinner at a crab restaurant. The food was (of course) not as delicious as the crab I had in Hokkaido, but we had so much fun there. Iki also enjoyed playing together with his cousins.

The appetizer came in this cute box. From left to right: boiled crab, bamboo shoots salad with kani miso dressing, tofu with crab topping, and green salad with Japanese dressing.

Then came this pretty decorated crab sashimi.

And chawan mushi for the kids

The main menu was grilled crab with various vegetables. I didn't take any pictures because everyone was too hungry already. It was my first time eating crab in that style. Tasted good!!

And I had this Warabi Mochi as dessert. Really a perfect one to end my dinner!!!

Iki played a lot and said some new vocabularies that night, all in Japanese. He collected almost all the crab shaped chopsticks stands on the table and put them inside his pockets. I thought then he gave them back all before going home......but I found one left inside his pocket the next day. Oh my.....little thief! :))

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hi, food lover! It's nice knowing u, Moet.