Sunday, May 25, 2008

Manado Food at ITC

I was surprised to see a lot of Manadonese restaurants at Mall Ambassador. I was actually trying to find Sop buntut goreng recommended by Vivi but quickly changed my mind hehehe.

I bought panada (fried bread with spicy cakalang inside), ketan like cake in wajik shape (I forgot the name but I used to eat it in Manado), and RW!!!! It's now inside my refrigerator for my breakfast or lunch tomorrow hahaha. Hiro already gave me 'ewwwwww' face when I showed it to him.

I would love to go to that place again for the food but I think not with Iki. It was to crowded and hot that it was a pain in the ass walking around with a stroller. But I'm glad to be able to visit that Mall this time. Thanks to Nina & Adnan!

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