Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thank you

Thank you for these three years
Three years full of love, attention, and lessons of life.
The best three years of my life so far.

No big celebration today. Hiro is still busy at work. But we managed to have lunch and dinner together. Hiro went back home for our simple dinner. Shinjaga no age ni with Miso soup and rice. That's all, but it was really a personal happy moment for me to see both Hiro and Iki ate them greedily.

Hiro bought me that Longchamp handbag as a present, and he got Nokia E90, plus 1 hour 'shierly's massage' voucher :p. I actually don't expect that present. Being together on this day (in Indonesia, this year) is the most important thing. Having delicious meal together was even better. But of course that present was an additional happiness hahaha

Thank you Hiro, for all your efforts so that this day (again) is very special to me :)


The Diva said...

Happy anniversary Hiro! Many happy years to come!!!

*masih ngambek sama Imut for writing such a stupid blog and postings for the past few weeks*


mamanya Rui said...

Gak terasa ya Moet, udah 3 tahun. Happy anniversary.

NoorIntan said...

Happy 3rd anniversary Shierly & Hiro! :)j

benova said...

Happy anniversary ya...