Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Nasi Goreng Kambing Pedas

Was my lunch today, again at Warung Podjok. We fell in love with that place. For the food, the friendliness, and the environment (I hate eating using stereofoam plates at Food Court!).

It was delicious. Spicy but not harmful to my tummy. Tasty with not too strong spices. Too bad the goat meat was a bit too hard.

I had tempe bacem again as side dish. Haven't get bored of it yet! And Iki sticked to the Otak otak as his appetizer.

Hiro and Iki loved the Sop buntut goreng they ordered. He said that it was the most delicious Indonesian food so far. I think it would be my lunch tomorrow!!


NoorIntan said...

Oooh looks so yummy!! *drooling*

The Diva said...

rasane tiap buka blog ini isine kok makan siangmu, makan malammu, pijet2an, krimbat, shopping, jalan-jalan,

(apalagi kalo bacanya dalam kondisi sekarang: jam 9.45 malem, baru pulang kerja satu jam lalu, abis lembur sampe jam 8.30, capek dan cuma mampu bikin hotdog buat quickie dinner and wish I could die of tiresome right now)

don't want to visit your blog anymore!