Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bakmi GM

I thought I wouldn't get any chance to try this recommended by Yun's legendary noodle, but I found the branch in front of the Hero supermarket at Underground of Metro, beside Senayan Plaza. So this afternoon this Bakmi GM special with Bakso was our lunch menu.

It tasted really really good. One of the best food I ever had in Jakarta so far. I didn't put any ketchup or chilli sauce this time because I want to feel the real taste. Next time I will try to put some sauces and experimenting with the taste haha. Iki also loved it. It was the first time he ate Indonesian lunch that much!!

I also ordered pangsit goreng (fried wantan) as side dish. Iki loved it too! And Susu soda for my drink. The susu soda taste reminded me of my student time, and I can't wait to find and drink Soda gembira again hahaha

Total damage was IDR 37,500. For a portion of Bakmi Special, pangsit goreng, and susu soda.


The Diva said...

HEHHH KURANGAJAR!!! MAKAN BAKMI GM, SUSU SODA, huhhhhhhhhhh bikin iriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!

Btw Iki suka masakan Indo ya? Dasar, sukanya yang enak2. Berarti kamu kalo masak INdo kurang sedap Mut, makanya Iki ngga terlalu doyan, hahahahaha...

NoorIntan said...

OMG! You're in Jakarta! Iriiii banget! Aku juga ngiler2 ngebayangin bakmi naga & susu soda!

Apakah ini berarti next few postings will be about makanan2 indonesia yang sedap2 yg gak kutemukan di sini? Ngiriii!!.. Heheheh... :D

Carla said...

memang pangsit gorengnya yg paling enak. walopun pertama kali makan 5 tahun yg lalu menurutku rasanya biasa aja.

yun said...

Hhhhmmm... yummy Mut!
Thx for the pic :P