Thursday, May 28, 2009

4 years...

Thanks for the marvellous four years, sweetheart.
Sorry for the few nights you had to sleep alone because of my stubborness ;-)

I love you, and will always do :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mother's Day

I got Mother's Day Tea invitation from Iki's school. I got my very first mother's day gift from Iki.

I cried when I opened the wrap. Thanks, sweetie!!!!!

Mother's Day Tea at Singkole Int. School, Sorowako

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Today opa passed away. He is 89 years old, and has been feeling really lonely since oma passed away 4 years ago. He is a very humorous person yet a very discipline one. I remember once I forgot to greet him 'good evening' after got back from the church, and he sent me back to the church!

I spent few years living with him when I was in elementary school. He always sent me to school walking. For about 12 km (return) everyday! I still can remember him clearly. I used to wait for him in front of the school, waiting for a tall figure wearing dark blue cap, with an umbrella on his right hand.

My father was with him when he was dying. He even said goodbye to him before he left.

I miss him now. God, I really miss him. I want to see him for the last time. But there is no flight to Makassar on Wednesday (even if there is, I couldn't get a seat, because being a contractor, we could only book a seat minimum a week before eventhough we get one day before notice if we get the seat or not!!). I don't dare to bring Iki on a bus trip to Makassar, and can't possibly leave him behind. Now there is WOC in Manado, so the seat to Manado from Makassar is 270 USD one way but ALL are fully booked. I just realised that eventhough we live in the same island, Manado IS a VERY far place!!!!!! 

The funeral would be tomorrow. I will miss it again, as I missed my oma's funeral 4 years ago :(..........