Thursday, August 12, 2010


I like outdoor activities. Back in my (much) younger time I was out
for hiking, camping, or traveling a lot. Simply sitting in a moving
car is already fun for me.

That was why i asked my husband to get out of this house during this 1
week summer holiday. He hates crowded and this time of the year
traveling is a nightmare for a person like him. I knew it, but still I
insisted for us to go out.

So far we went to see the big and of course crowded fireworks, jammed
beach with traffic jam on the way back home, and long train ride to
chichibu area for riding the old SL locomotive train and supposed to
be budougari (grapes picking).

All were tiring but we had so much fun. At least it was the impression
I got when I remembered our wide smile and iki's exciting scream.

But today because of everyone was just tired, we had a bad night. And
I was blamed because I was the one who wanted to go out.

Which was so disappointed. How come nobody thanked me of giving the
idea of going out when they were enjoying the fun?!
How come then I was being blamed when the fun was long gone and
they're all tired...?

Even after a night running I'm not feeling better at all tonight!!!

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I am listening to Indonesian songs compiled by my dear friend Enyo.

Sometimes I smile, sometimes I'm in tears.

These songs remind me of sooo much memories of Indonesia.

Of those times in Surabaya. In Enyo's car, during crazy karaoke times, working period in Altoers, and to ex-boyfriend(s) too.
Of those old old school days in Banjarmasin. of my first love. of the lovable highschool time.
Of Sorowako. Annisah's car, and karaoke in Lusiana Hotel.
Of Indonesia. Where my heart belongs.

No no, this is not homesick, I just got back from Indonesia.

Thank you Enyo, for this CD full of memories!!

Monday, August 09, 2010


Have you ever seen ants' house?
Have you ever wondered how is it look like inside?
And have you ever heard about Antquarium? Because I just heard and bought it for Iki and am really interested on it now.

The Antquarium concept was developed by NASA back in the heyday of the US space programme. Their idea was to take a colony of ants into space so the astronauts could study the insects' behaviour in zero gravity. Why, we hear you ask? Well, we guess they had to study something as they hurtled around planet earth. Anyway, NASA's loss is our gain because the amazing jelly-like habitat they invented is now available to support ant life here on earth. Or more specifically, on your desk, bedside or kitchen table. The Antquarium is filled with a highly nutritious non-toxic gel into which you prod four little holes to get the tunnel network started. Now get out into the garden or park and catch about 15 ants to populate the colony. Put them in the Antquarium, replace the lid... and watch. Within days the ants will burrow out an amazing pattern of channels, each clearly visible in cross-section through the walls of the container. Maintenance is minimal. Besides providing a safe ecologically-correct habitat, the gel also provides the ants' food. You simply need to open the lid for a moment once a month to aerate the interior.

Isn't it interesting??
Iki and papa-chan went out to catch some ants yesterday afternoon and put them in the container already. OOh.....We can't wait to see what will happen in the container! (^____^)

From yesterday night the ants had meetings, perhaps to discuss how to survive in a small container full of food?! ;-)

And this evening they've started the construction of their new "house"!

Let's see again what will happen in the next few days!!

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Food Orgasm in Surabaya

It was definitely a culinary trip too. Besides having my mom cooking all my favorite food at home, I also went around, trying to eat as much yummy food as possible during my stay there.

Soto Banjar Pal Satu

Terang Bulan Bangka

Kepiting Telur Asin

Bakso Pak Salam

Udang Barongsai Tumis Mentega

Kikil Sapi


Bakwan and Ayam Penyet Bu Kris

Bebek Goreng Madura Canggih


Empek Empek Palembang

Nasi Padang

Kue Lobak - Apeng

Kue Bengkoang - Apeng

Kwetiaw Siram Apeng

Sioke Siobak Adam

Durian Monthong


Pecel Lele

Soto Babat

Jus Alpokat

And even Iki got food orgasm too. He ate a loooot of tempe and mango :D

No wonder I gained 4,7 kg haha

Surabaya 2010

It was only less than 2 weeks vacation day, but we had a very good time.

Surprising Ella ;-)

The Wedding




Remembering those good old times of CDU

Karaoke - yeah, we needed 4 microphones!


Mariza's wedding

Family time

And thank you Enyo, for the time and the tummy (^_____^)!!!