Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I am listening to Indonesian songs compiled by my dear friend Enyo.

Sometimes I smile, sometimes I'm in tears.

These songs remind me of sooo much memories of Indonesia.

Of those times in Surabaya. In Enyo's car, during crazy karaoke times, working period in Altoers, and to ex-boyfriend(s) too.
Of those old old school days in Banjarmasin. of my first love. of the lovable highschool time.
Of Sorowako. Annisah's car, and karaoke in Lusiana Hotel.
Of Indonesia. Where my heart belongs.

No no, this is not homesick, I just got back from Indonesia.

Thank you Enyo, for this CD full of memories!!


ikha oktavianti said...

Hi.. Imoet,
anyway whats your name actually?
How could i call you, sist?

I followed ur blog since a week ago..
I found it when i did my blogwalking..
I'm indonesian bytheway :)
I'm interested to read and see the whole story of ur blog, you often write about new things i didn't know before..
I like the part when you captured your Iki, yea, is he your child?
Nice to know you, and him..
salam :)

imoet said...

Hi ikha,
Thanks!!! Dan Salam Kenal juga. Just call me imoet, it's my name here :-)

The Diva said...

I miss Indonesia too. Yes, it's where our heart belongs... I know for sure.
... sampai akhiiirrr menutup mataaaaaaa... hehehe