Thursday, August 12, 2010


I like outdoor activities. Back in my (much) younger time I was out
for hiking, camping, or traveling a lot. Simply sitting in a moving
car is already fun for me.

That was why i asked my husband to get out of this house during this 1
week summer holiday. He hates crowded and this time of the year
traveling is a nightmare for a person like him. I knew it, but still I
insisted for us to go out.

So far we went to see the big and of course crowded fireworks, jammed
beach with traffic jam on the way back home, and long train ride to
chichibu area for riding the old SL locomotive train and supposed to
be budougari (grapes picking).

All were tiring but we had so much fun. At least it was the impression
I got when I remembered our wide smile and iki's exciting scream.

But today because of everyone was just tired, we had a bad night. And
I was blamed because I was the one who wanted to go out.

Which was so disappointed. How come nobody thanked me of giving the
idea of going out when they were enjoying the fun?!
How come then I was being blamed when the fun was long gone and
they're all tired...?

Even after a night running I'm not feeling better at all tonight!!!

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The Diva said...

well they have to blame someone for their exhaustion don't they?
XOXOXO big hugs... don't worry it was just the tiredness talking. tomorrow when it's gone, they'll only remember the good things and the real fun. trust me. it's always like that.

Carla Ardian said...

Yeah, I agree with Sheila. Actually what I would do would be to blame them back for agreeing to the proposition. :P But that is a bad way to handle it. Hopefully it is now good again for you, Shier.