Sunday, September 05, 2010

Happy Wedding

We have two celebrations in a year. One is for our marriage in May and the other one is for the wedding party in September. I just realized that I've never wrote anything about our wedding in Surabaya, too busy, I guess :p.

It was a small, beautiful and unforgettable one :) and I love this shot from the party when the girls tried to catch my bouquet.

I completely forgot the September one this year, can't believe I did!

Until we finished our dinner last week on Sept 2, and opened the dessert papa-chan brought home that day!

Thank you, Papa-chan!!!


Carla Ardian said...

papa chat is super sweet. but your wedding was not a small one!!!

The Diva said...

hahaha the girls AND Musa were trying to catch your bouquet!!! hahahahahahaha.

happy anniversary Mutmut. Your wedding was NOT a small one, 250 people, remember? Mine was a crazy freak one... I couldn't even talk to anyone properly!!!