Monday, September 06, 2010

Summer Holiday

So last this morning I am all alone again after spending 6 weeks with Iki during summer break. Phew, at last I have my own time, but somewhat I feel the house is so empty. Can't believe I am now missing my boy already on the first day he's back to school LOL

We had an incredibly fun summer holiday and did quite a lot activities. 6 weeks is not a short time!!

We went to Surabaya for about 10 days. Had a good family time, refreshing, and eating time. Didn't get the chance to meet a lot of friends this time but I am sure we will go back there again in the future. Happy to have short photo session with my talented girlfriend, Carla.

Iki got a Maduranese wooden boat from my auntie, love it and insisted to bring it back home to Japan by himself though I was against him. There was definitely no space in the suitcase of that boat. So it was tied on Iki's backpack and he carried it himself from Surabaya, during our 7 hours transit in Kuala Lumpur until we arrived safely and exhausted in our little home in Tokyo.
But surprisingly that little wooden boat from Madura was his best memory of this summer's trip to Surabaya ;-). Thank you, Oma Ayis hehehe

Then back in Japan we had a week Obon Holiday. Its one of Japan's most high season holiday so staying at home was the smartest holiday, according to Papa-chan. We managed to drag him out anyway. Staying at home might be smart but it was definitely boring :D

Papa-chan brought us to Kamakura Beach, twice! Because Iki loves beach! He enjoyed playing with the sand,

He discovered that body boat was a real fun, and even tried to teach me how to do it.

We also went to a crowded fireworks festival nearby our house. Iki got really excited to watch the show, too bad I don't have a tripod for my camera to get good photos :(

We spent a whole day going to Chichibu in Saitama area, so that Iki could ride the antique SL locomotive train that has a real funnel with real smokes.

We went to the Dinosaur Museum in Roponggi Hill.

It was great except Iki was upset and got bad mood because he couldn't see his favorite bird dinosaur. I had to send him to naughty corner somewhere in a crowded shopping mall (_ _o)

We went to the Kodomo Natsu Matsuri (Kids Summer Festival) in Omotesando area. Boy we had to walk around in 37C super sunny afternoon. But Iki had fun and did the whole thing himself!

Then at night we went to a summer festival. Iki and papa-chan visited the shrine and did the traditional praying ritual. Iki is big enough to understand to do the whole thing himself this time. He "cleaned up" himself prior to entering the shrine, then can follow papa-chan throwing the coins, pulling the big rope and then praying.

We enjoyed some traditional summer festival game too.

And that Summer Festival was just a nice closure to his Summer Holiday (^____^)


yufinats said...

mama chan...foto yg pertama bagus banget...segarrrrr!!!

Carla Ardian said...

i agreed with yufinats. seger buanget!!!! hihihi... miss u girl.