Friday, September 17, 2010

First camping in Japan

Yes, we finally did it last weekend!

After our first and last camping last new year's eve on Matano Lake in Sorowako, we had always wished that we could go camping again. Summer was way too hot -and crowded here. So once the summer holiday finished, papa-chan started buying the camping gear.

We went to a lake in Fuji mountain area. Lake, this time, because Iki wants to play with his wooden boat he brought from Madura haha

Our tent is small but enough for the three of us. We spent a surprisingly comfortable night

Iki really enjoyed it. He helped papa-chan making the tent and preparing the fire

Also helping me cooking

In the morning he excitedly woke up and said' "mom, you can sleep more. I will make the fire and prepare the breakfast"
LOL, wasn't it sweet???

He of course enjoyed the lake, even the "jungle". And he used to hate jungle when we lived in the jungle paradise, Sorowako. How come!!

And God, that campsite had a breathtaking sunset view

The next day we went back to Tokyo after taking a relaxing bath at a hotspring (onsen) nearby, and had a super delicious soba lunch in a small soba restaurant in the middle of pine forrest

It was a great family time (^____^)


sus said...

waaahhh itu perahu madura ya yg dibuat mainan? :D

Mbak'e said...

wuah kapan ya aku terakhir camping? kelas 6 SD waktu kemah pramuka, dengan kenangan gak bisa tidur karena dicokoti nyamuk, hihi.

Di tempat campingmu kemarin sdh gak ada nyamuk/ serangga, Moet?

vpn said...
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imoet said...

sus: iyaaaa....duh begitu cintanya sama perahu madura

mbak'e: wah mbak, camping disini lak jauuuh beda sama camping di indonesia rek. fasilitasnya memukau!! waktu aku camping udah gak ada nyamuk, makanya kita milih setelah obon ben rodok adem. mungkin nyamuk2nya keademan gak kuat terbang hihihi