Saturday, October 09, 2010

Back to teaching

I had never thought that I would be an English Teacher in Tokyo. I did want to work because I was practically doing nothing than spending a lot of money eating and shopping with friends while Iki's at school. Applied for some administrative works, but well....I have not enough Japanese for that kind of job ;-)

Some mothers requested me to teach English to their kids then. At first I was just doing favor for the kids from Iki's class. I didn't really care how much they would pay me. Those kids were interested to learn English because they see Iki communicating in English. But it turned out that other kids from this apartment building also wanted to join the class too. Now I have totally fourteen students, divided in three classes (^__^)

I was nervous at first, I haven't been teaching for years. But I enjoy it way too much now!!!

Unexpectedly now I have little income myself. First ever since I married papa-chan five years ago. At least I could buy him birthday present with my own money this year? hehehe


Anonymous said...

Is that 3 classes each day?
Should think you need it with the cost of living in Japan.
Rgds to the three of you.
Mike Hannah

imoet said...

Thanks, Mike ;-)
well, it's just three classes a week. just little more money for my shopping :p

Regards to your family too :)