Thursday, October 14, 2010

Undokai (Sport Day)

I think almost all kindergartens all over Japan scheduled Undokai or sport day last Saturday - and then rescheduled it to Sunday or Monday because of the pouring rain! It was kind of ruining our mood and plan to go camping for that rare long weekend, but apparently the super shiny Monday when Iki's undokai was rescheduled was just a perfect time.

Iki's school is a small one, run by Hiro's company's management. It's much much cheaper than normal kindergarten around, but mothers have to participate in all event it held. Which is actually tiring eventhough they're all good fun. Also for this undokai. Mothers had to prepare a lot of things, decorated the school, cleaned it well, and had performances too. As I'm writing this the next day, I can feel my whole body aching from the participating there.

On the other hand, the undokai itself was great. The fact that not only kids participated was actually fun too. They had games for moms, dads, toddlers, and even yochien's graduates (two of them were grown ups and work for the company too!)

They had sprint. Of course my boy lost haha!

Giant balls racing


Walking on a "bridge". This is interesting because each kid has to show their own creativity. Iki surprisingly "walked" on his butt haha

Throwing balls into the nets

There is fathers' dancing wearing vegetables hats too. Papa-chan was the only one wearing REAL chinese cabbage hat hahaha. How funny!

Mommies also had to dance samba together, and made performance to support each group competing. I was participating so I don't have the photos :(. It was good memory though.

Poor daddies then had to race bringing the kids on the back

The undokai was closed by Mommies and Kids dancing.

And of course everyone has to clean up the whole school after that, except papa-chan! haha

Good fun. It was a good fun!


LadyNoor said...

It looks fun, indeed... Papa chan looks so cool with his Chinese cabbage hat! :D

imoet said...

yeah yeah it was fun.
btw papa-chan sebenernya ngomel habis2an dikerjain pake chinese cabbage :p

The Diva said...

hahaha papa chan, keren kok chinese cabbage hat nyaaaa!!!

btw Mut, kamu pas dancing mother and son kok koyok kamu ikut jadi murid2 yaaa hahahaahha... you look SOOO cute among those mommies!!!