Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, Papa-chan

I seriously don't want to remember your age haha!

A very happy birthday, honey. Sorry for the burnt cake, it was supposed to be a campground anyway ;-)

Tooooo bad Iki got fever that we couldn't have your birthday camping this weekend. But we did celebrate it with a little tent and campfire yesterday (^___^)

Campground: baked cheese cake
Tent: store bought castella
The lazy pig: snow balls
Campfire: pretz with caramel chips around
(and two little candles in the middle)


Pre said...

awawwaa.. lutuk.. :D

Carla Ardian said...

so cute!!!!

Yun said...

Kreatip deh kamu Mut... btw opoo kok ada Lazy Pig??? Eh iya kalian dingin2 gini masih kemping yaa??

imoet said...

hehe thank you ^_^

yun: ya bawa dawn jacket :D :D

LadyNoor said...

Happy belated birthday to Hiro... Lucu bgt kuennya Mut, terima pesanan? :)

The Diva said...

happy bday hirooo *sorry for being so late*

aaaahhh very cute deh kue nya.
lazy pig = hiro? hehehehe.