Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday Bento: Lightning McQueen

I had a very bad morning that really ruined my day, that I was surprised I could finish making this bento. I am not satisfied with the result, and so was Iki..... :(

But he had to bring it to school anyway.....

The inside part was like this:

I put furikake rice inside, with Tetsuage Fish and Renkon, mini tomatoes and sliced cheese on the picks, cheese kamaboko sausages, and mini oranges as dessert.

And then covered it with the pinky Lightning McQueen - was supposed to be red!

It's made from white eggs omelet (with supposed to be red food coloring added), sliced cheese, and nori for decoration.


LadyNoor said...

Now, whilst you're not satisfied with the result I think it's a great bento! I would never be able to make just half of something like that!!!

imoet said...

oooh intan....thank you sooo much. i have to tell iki when he's home! he said that the cars should be red, not pink (@_@)

yes you can. hey, if a super sloppy bitch like me can make it, ANYBODY can! ;-)

Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic bento.. i wish i could make son is so crazy with this character... could you please teach me how to make the Lightning McQueen? I really want to make this for my son's birthday bento ..thank you :)