Sunday, October 31, 2010

Getting ready for winter

I live in a city where most women take a really good care of their body appearance (read: slim or VERY slim). The concept of winter and putting on a lot of clothes for warmth scared them off because they don't like to look fat (or a little bit fatter).

I think that is why these amazing products are invented: HeatTech clothing and Kairo (pocket warmer).

HeatTeach clothing from Uniqlo Japan is my biggest recommendation to stay fashionable while fighting with cold weather. They are very thin inners that are made by special fabric that can keep your body warm. Now it varies from turtleneck inners, T-shirt, camisoles, leggings and tights, socks and even now (unfortunately) SKINNY trousers (which I really want but don't fit my fat legs!).

Winter is not really my favorite season. Hey, I'm a tropical woman! That's why I really fell in love with this products the first time I found it. For me, 1 turtleneck inner = 1 fleece jacket. Two turtleneck inner = 1 wool sweater.
I looked like a pregnant snowball during my first winter in South Korea, but now that I had found HeatTech products, I don't need to put on thick layers of clothes anymore!!

And my other favorite for winter is Hakkin Kairo, or disposable pocket warmer. It was invented by Niichi Matoba in 1923. Kairo is using platinum catalyst technology, that is environment friendly but really useful to keep your body warm during winter.

At this time of the year Kairo can be found like almost in every drugstores or supermarkets all over Japan. The pocket warmers are thin, easy to slipped into pockets. Some are specially designed to slip into gloves or socks. Some can be sticked into inner clothes for extra warmth.

If any of you wonder how I could still look slim during winter. It's because of those two products. I put on heattech inner clothing and have kairo in almost every pocket (^___-)

And what are your favorites for fighting the cold weather...?


Carla Ardian said...


imoet said...


oh well...that one too :p

The Diva said...

waaaaaaaaaa me want one!! I'm sendin you my address now!!!!!!!!!!! You promised!!!!

I always look like AN ONION (that's what martin says - coz I wear layers of clothings!)

Vivi said...

does this really work?

My sister got me the legging, sweater, and that product for my upcoming Italy trip...

well, i guess I'm about to find out...

imoet said...

vivi: it helps me! lapisan bajuku buat ski juga jadi berkurang 1 loh!
iki also loves it. tapi cuma buat main di salju. katanya kalo buat kesekolah terlalu panas

well, i guess u will find out if it works for u or not :p