Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday run

It's been kind of routine lately whenever we don't go camping or if
iki doesn't stay over at his grandparents' house. We run about 1.2 km,
have breakfast at mister donuts or mcd, then walk back home.

The fatty breakfast has probably double or triple calories we burnt
during running, but hell, it's a fun family time �


Carla Ardian said...

fun indeed! iki must be so cute running. i've always hated running, but then maybe a part of it was because i never got used to it when i was a kid. so it's good to get iki to run now.

yufinats said...

wow iki ikutan running juga? pasti diiming - imingin donat dulu :)

imoet said...

carla: yeah, it was really fun! and he likes it. maybe because he often sees me running :p

yun: haha! dia yang minta running kok yun. karena emang dia mau makan donat. kalo kecapekan, dia memotivasi dirinya sendiri sambil lari sambil nyebut: donat...donat....donat...